Boob Jobs

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They’re everywhere, the gym, the mall, the grocery store, restaurants, nightclubs, and of course, strip clubs.  It seems as though the majority of women under the age of forty, and quite a few over, are sporting a pair of large, round, gravity defying, fake breasts.  It’s possible that an entire generation of young males has not seen or will never see a natural breast.  Implants have become so pervasive in our society, that when you see women with un-enhanced breasts they just don’t look quite right.   I think, for young girls, it has become a right of passage much like getting a drivers license, graduating from high school, getting a boob job, and going to college.  Some girls get them as presents from their parents for their sixteenth birthdays or high school graduation. In spite of the publicized dangers, the horror stories of breast surgery gone terribly wrong leading to disease, disfigurement, and even death there is no deterring a woman who wants a boob job.  On the other hand, maybe they also have a practical application, a safety feature, kind of like an automobile’s air bags; because I’m pretty sure that if a woman with implants were to tall forward, she would simply bounce back upright, thus sparing her possible injury.  I’m beginning to think, that lately it doesn’t end there.  I’ve noticed when I’ve been to night spots in the more affluent areas, that many of the 20 to 30 something women look very much like clones of Brittany or Christina.  The faces are very similar, maybe due to surgery to correct the less than perfect nose, chin, or cheekbones.  There is a probability that one or two cosmetic surgeons have become popular with this crowd, which might, in part, explain the clone look.  They are usually very thin, have thick, shiny, blonde hair that is carefully styled into that contrived messiness; a pony tail with just the right amount of hair falling over the forehead.  What happen to individuality?  Isn’t it the differences and even the slight flaws that constitute true beauty?   What will happen when the current look goes out of vogue?  It’s possible that the natural breast will once again be acceptable, perhaps even desirable.  They’re stuck with the faces they have, the hair can be changed, and if they need to dump the implants maybe they can recover some of their investment at a place like this (I googled silicone):

Silicone Scrap Wanted

We buy silicone scrap for recycling
5,000 lbs. or more regional pickups

(I intentionally deleted the URL as I don’t want anyone to think I’m promoting this business)

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