I Got My Degree From the Electoral College

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The Electoral College is an outdated non-democratic system with the potential to be used in the manipulation of elections.

The founders appropriated the concept of electors from the Holy Roman Empire (962 – 1806). An elector was one of a number of princes of the various German states within the Holy Roman Empire who had a right to participate in the election of the German king (who generally was crowned as emperor). The term “college” (from the Latin collegium), refers to a body of persons that act as a unit, as in the college of cardinals who advise the Pope and vote in papal elections. In the early 1800’s, the term “electoral college” came into general usage as the unofficial designation for the group of citizens selected to cast votes for President and Vice President. It was first written into Federal law in 1845, and today the term appears in 3 U.S.C. section 4, in the section heading and in the text as “college of electors. read more

The last two presidential elections have answered the question of whether or not my vote really counts with a resounding NO. A direct vote affords a better chance of seating a president that was elected by the people. Instead we now have a megalomaniacal, moronic, warmonger who thinks the key to the White House is the deed to America.

A larger percentage of eligible voters probably vote for an American Idol contender than vote in presidential elections. Perhaps the entire system of electing a president can be accomplished via a reality television show.

Instead of democratic and republican conventions and primaries, anyone who has the desire and meets the minimum qualifications could vie for the presidency by becoming a contestant on a reality show. The candidates would be left, to survive, on a desert island with only their wits and the clothes on their backs. Cameras recording 24/7 would allow us to see the resourcefulness, intelligence, and creativity employed by each candidate in order to survive. We would also see who exhibits the most treachery and dishonesty to their own end, which in our present system is thinly veiled in negative campaign ads. Each week viewers would vote one candidate off of the island, and whoever is left standing will become our new president. The show’s popularity would translate into advertising revenue that would be used to fund the reality tv election, thus leaving the taxpayers pockets untapped.

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