Why Democrats need to put personal preference aside if they don’t want another Trump victory

June 29, 2019 at 1:02 pm | Posted in 2020 Predidential Election, democratic primary | 2 Comments

Democrats have a varied group of possible candidates hoping to get the nomination.  Everyone has their preference and I see a lot of Democrats acting like kids in a candy store with so many great (and some not so great) choices.  All of the candidates offer good ideas, some practical, some are kind of pie in the sky.  We like and want the ideas and policies being proposed.  But, what we should be focusing on now is what we don’t want, and that is more of the orange swamp thing that is causing our country to descend into a male dominated, white supremacist dictatorship that is not subject to law and seems to think of the constitution as nothing more than toilet paper.

I would love nothing more than to see a woman in the White House, a person of color, someone from the LGBTQ community, someone who hasn’t yet reached retirement age, but what I want most is NOT Trump.  I think if we have any hope of getting rid of Trump we have to choose wisely at the primaries, and unfortunately the candidate with the greatest chance will be a middle of the road older white male.  Getting rid of Trump should be our number one priority, because if it’s not, then any of those wonderful ideas put forth by this great group of candidates will become moot and we will never get back to the country we’ve known.

Here is why I believe this.  There are a lot of people in this country, some of whom voted for Trump (none for Hillary), that aren’t happy with him and would be glad to be rid of him.  But, these same people faced with a candidate who is a woman, a person of color, is gay, is known to be something other than Christian, will simply be unable to make themselves pull the lever for that person, so they will either vote for Trump again, vote for a third party candidate, or not vote at all.  Any of these scenarios will give us Trump once again.  In an election that is likely to face challenges like disenfranchised voters, voter fraud, foreign interference, and gerrymandering…is this a chance we’re willing to take?  I, for one, am not.

Look how far we have descended since the last election, and we will likely keep on that downward spiral for two more years.  It will take a long time, if ever, to undo the damage done by this administration regime so none of the great ideas brought forth by these new progressive candidates will ever be implemented until we get our sinking ship of state righted and back on track.  If Trump loses, even with a new Democrat in the White House will will have a long uphill battle.  With this in mind, I’m willing to put my personal preferences aside at the primaries, are you?


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  1. This was something that concerned me too. Too many folks trying to settle in-scores with folks that should have been allies. I was quite worried the fascists would be able to exploit it successfully.

    • Thank goodness we got Biden and twitler is on his way out, possibly by being dragged kicking and screaming. Unfortunately the conditions that allowed him in, in the first place, and the damage he’s done in four years aren’t going away any time soon. Hopefully Dems won’t become complacent and pave the way for trump to win in 2024.

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