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I thought I’d finally include a bit about what makes me tick.  I’ve dated this entry because I may add more later, so if you’re interested check back from time to time.

March 15, 2011

In the interest of my sanity, for many years I had a no news policy.  I refused to read newspapers and as much as possible avoided other news sources.  Life is better that way.  Yet, I managed  to stay more informed than the average person and when something of any consequence occurred it somehow found its way to  my ear.

Slightly more than two and a half years ago I moved into my boyfriend’s home where I was constantly exposed to news.  I sat down to breakfast and the newspaper was right there in front of me; I’m ashamed to admit, I often read it.  In the morning while getting dressed I listened to talk radio (liberal talkers only, of course) and my boyfriend liked watching various news broadcasts.

The news, for the most part, is all politics all the time which lead me to stupidity overload and a case of pissed-offedness and/or shaken head syndrome.

Non-political news is just as depressing, describing atrocities committed by people against other people, and cold as it may sound, a triple murder two thousand miles away has no immediate effect on my life other than to make me feel crappy.

The upside of my exposure to the news was that it provided endless fodder for this blog.  That pissed-offedness needed a release, which came out in rants, harangues, satire, sarcasm, or humor.

In the last four months since I’ve moved back home, I’ve re-instituted my news black-out policy and I feel so much more at peace.  Even so, I’ll find plenty to bitch about; I was haranguing before moving in with my boyfriend and I’ll probably be doing it in some form or another until the day I die.

I’m a freelancer and I’ve had very little work in the past six months due to our economy and people in less developed countries doing some of my work at a fraction of the cost.  For some reason being out of work has left me less time to blog than when I was working.  Being unemployed is more time-consuming than you would ever imagine.

My blog posts are not my best writing.  They are more like rough drafts.  When I feel the need to write something here, I generally fire it off and hit publish with little or no tweaking, though I do humor the spell checker and correct my okashunal mispelins.  It isn’t because I don’t care or that I am lazy, it is because I rant, I opine and if I were doing that on my soapbox or in your face it wouldn’t be edited or re-worked, so in this way I feel I am communicating  with you on a more personal level.  However, just so you know, when I am being paid to write, or when I am writing something I’m hoping to sell, I re-write and edit the crap out of it.

A note about the c-word: I never capitalize it unless it is beginning a sentence. The c-word is christian.  I also don’t capitalize the g-word (god) or any other religious words I deem un-upper-case-worthy.

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