March 8, 2013 at 4:27 pm | Posted in civil liberties, corporate bullys, economy, political | 1 Comment
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  1. I love how Obama — who continues to protect the banks from prosecution for their enormous crimes, continues to push for military adventurism around the globe, wants essentially dictatorial authority for his office (which will not go away when he leaves, so “oh I trust Obama” is a REALLY STUPID REACTION), and has repeatedly offered to cut Social Security and Medicare — is still somehow considered to be “the other side” from the Republicans. What, exactly, would he have to do for people to realize he — like Hillary Clinton, unfortunately — is basically just a Republican who has a “D” after his name?

    (Well, okay, I know the answer to that: have white skin. Just as everyone would notice that Hillary Clinton is a disingenuous lying militaristic right-winger if she were a man.)

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