But….Clinton Got a Blowjob!

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The Bible – The First Blog?

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Who wrote the bible?  I wondered, since so many people are using it as a travel guide through life. So I did a little research and wasn’t really surprised to find that no one really seems to know.  I’m thinking maybe someone who reads this will know for sure and solve this mystery for me once and for all.  I asked several people I know, including those who have religious beliefs, and atheists who grew up in very religious families, and are well versed in all things bible related.  I also did a little online digging.  I perused several sites.  The attached word document can also be found at http://www.carm.org/bible/biblewhen.htm. 

When I look at the listings I realize the bible must have been one of the world’s earliest written blogs.  I say written, because it suddenly occurs to me that hieroglyphs, petroglyphs, and cave paintings may have served as a primitive form of blogging. The attached listings contain the authors’ names and dates of their posts.  There are a lot of question marks that would seem to indicate uncertainty as to the accuracy of the information (see how lucky we are to have computers to keep accurate records of our blogs).  Like present day blogs, just because the information is in written form and posted for the general public, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s accurate or true.  Though it may be true from the poster’s experience and perspective, it may also have come from the writer’s creative imagination.   And like the list below, we don’t know the real identity of the authors who blog online, do we?

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