Socialism – It’s been hiding for a long time…

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…you just can’t see the forest for the trees.  Take our present health care system, for example.  Aside from greed, do you know what else has driven the health care costs to epic heights?  It is because those of us that have the ability to pay are subsidizing those who can’t.  As more and more people use emergency room facilities, because they cannot be refused treatment if they are not able to pay, the more costs rise for the rest of us.  So it is through higher and higher health care costs we are subsidizing the poor.  Isn’t that really the kind of socialism some of you are afraid of if we were to have a public option or single payer plan?

What about your police, fire, and military protection?  We all put our money in a pool (our taxes) to pay for those services.  The poor, who don’t pay any taxes, still have the same benefits and protections from those services as those who pay, do they not?

In education, especially private schools, financial aid and scholarships often come from money paid by those most able to afford the high tuition.  As you can see, no matter where you look there is a form of socialism within our capitalist system, yet it is thrown around as such a dirty, ugly word.

What is so wrong with the haves helping the have-nots?  Has greed and materialism created a society of people who have the attitude; I got mine, too bad too sad for you if you can’t get yours?  Caring about the less fortunate would benefit our society as a whole but people are just too freaking stupid to get it!  These same folks are usually of the good Christian ilk.  Calling one’s self a Christian isn’t the same as being a Christian.  I know many of my fellow atheists who lead  more Christian lives than the so-called Christians.

I’m going to veer slightly off topic here.  In regard to the new health care bill that will make buying  health insurance mandatory, there is a good reason for doing it.  It sounds scary to people, but since the bill will put an end to the health  insurance industry’s practice denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions this measure is necessary to be fair to the insurers (yes I hate the thought of that one as much as anyone since they have been screwing us for years) if the mandatory clause were left out, many people would not buy insurance until they got sick.  It would be kind of like waiting until your house has burned down to buy home owner’s insurance.


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