Where the Hell is Robin Hood when you need him?

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I think we all know the story of Robin Hood: the guy who wore green tights, lived in the forest with his band of merry men, robbed from the rich and gave to the poor.  Somewhere along the way that whole concept got mixed up and what we are faced with now is rich hoods robbing the poor.  Yesterday I  posted an article by Mark Karlin, of The Buzzflash Blog, about the puppet masters who pull the strings of our elected marionettes.

America is the land of opportunity.  If you have enough money you can buy anything, including power, packaged neatly as an elected official.  The richer you are the higher the office you can buy.  If you are that rich, it might be worth remembering that it was most likely the people of U.S., and our consumer driven culture, who made your lavish life possible.  Yet here we are in the big ship of state, sinking in a turbulent sea of debt, and your solution: throw the poor, the elderly, and the disabled overboard rather than be taxed and/or contribute to the country that made you wealthy.  I have just two words for you, but since this is a pg rated blog I am not going to print them, but they rhyme with buck moo.

I understand there are exceptions, and every one among the uber rich isn’t a greedy bastard who can never have enough money, power or influence; but there seems to be no shortage of the aforementioned.  You are so terrified by the prospect of the expiration of the Bush tax cuts that you would rather see the country take from those who can least afford it, see people go without food, shelter, or medical care, than pay what, to you, is a drop in the bucket.  Again, buck moo.

You keep telling us you need those tax cuts in order to create jobs.  I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask it again.  You’ve enjoyed those tax cuts for some time now and just where are all those those jobs you promised to create?  I guess you never really came out and said you were going to create American jobs, now did you?  Our bad; when will we ever learn to be more specific in how we word things.

I just had a thought.  One way to reduce government spending would be to eliminate the IRS and just have the common folk send their money directly to the greedy bastards.

This morning I was listening to the Diane Rehm show on NPR.  One of her guests was Ron Elving, the senior Washington editor for NPR news who was of the opinion that had the Bush tax cuts expired earlier the country would not be faced with the huge deficit and we wouldn’t be as far up that nasty creek without a paddle as we now find ourselves.  He urged people to call our representatives and let our wishes be known because those people (the representatives) want to do the best for their constituents.  I think that is a load of that creek water I just mentioned.

Do we (the regular people without piles of money) really have representatives?  Sadly, with a few exceptions, I think the answer is no.  I don’t, for a minute, believe that most of the people on the hill are there because they give a rat’s ass about we, the people.  I believe they are there because they wanted a cushy, prestigious career, loaded with perks (like being bought and paid for by those rich guys I mentioned earlier).

I think many Americans are so fed up they would hold demonstrations in Washington, but no one can afford the travel expenses.  I think we should, en masse, take our cues from our great leaders and contact our creditors and tell them that unless they raise our credit lines by September 30, we are all going  to default on everything we owe  to everyone.  That would bring the economy to its knees in no time flat, so we now have leverage to play like the big boys and insist on a government bailout.  After all isn’t our collective credit rating as important to us as the triple A rating is  to our government?

The way I see it we have two separate issues.  One is how the government is funded and by whom, and the other is how the funds are spent.  As it stands now both systems are broken; it is as if our country is a big game of monopoly being played by a bunch of drunken monkeys.  The party’s over.  I’m not privy to all of our spending, but in my little world I see so much waste I can only imagine that is just a representative sample of the big picture.

We’ve been in this recession, that feels more like a depression, for a very long time and I don’t see an end in sight.  A big contributor to our current situation was the mortgage debacle and the subsequent real estate bubble that popped.  Japan experienced a similar real estate bubble burst and a decade later is still in a recession.  That does not bode well for any of us.

Most of the world economies seem to be in dire straits these days.  My solution.  We zero everything out, wipe the slate clean, and start over.


My battle with PMS

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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything of any substance.  I realize substance is a matter of opinion so it might be more accurate to say it’s been awhile since I posted anything with a lot of words.  The reason I’ve allowed this blog to lie fallow for so long…don’t even get me started about the guilt..is because I have been suffering with a severe case of PMS (Political Meltdown Syndrome).

Much of what I have commented on has been of a political nature; from the stupid and absurd to corruption and everything in between.  I’d read something or hear something on the radio that would make me roll my eyes so hard they hurt, and I’d be off and typing to let off steam.

The problem began when I realized that everywhere I turned there seemed to be no break from political discussions.  On the radio, in the news, at the gym…it seemed to be all politics all the time.  I thought my head would explode.  It started with POS (Political Overload Syndrome) which then progressed to full blown PMS.

The cure came when I discovered a radio station that is all comedy, all the time.  I adore comedy and that is all I’ve been listening too.  The result is I am much happier, albeit blissfully uninformed about current events, and I don’t care.  Like  miracle pharmaceuticals, this cure is not without side effects, the main one being a diminished desire to harangue, even when I find something harangue-worthy.

I’m trying to hang in there, and recovery means blogging.  So here goes…

McClueless needs to get one

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One what, you say?  A clue, a brain, a room in an assisted living center, a ticket to a third world country…

I’ve heard John McCain, more than once over the past few days, opine that tax cuts for the rich should not be allowed to expire, at least until the recession is over.  Do you think McCain even knows what a recession is, or is it a word  he’s heard tossed around the political arena and the media so often that he thought he’d better use it before people realize what a moron he really is?  Too late, we’re onto you!

Since he is an extremely wealthy member of the GOP (Greedy Old Pricks) I seriously doubt he thinks (or even gives a crap) keeping these tax cuts will help ease the recession.  Could his suggestion be a tad self serving since he is so freaking rich he doesn’t even know how many homes he owns?

I’m not trying to paint all the super rich with the same brush because I have heard many people with lots of money say they have no problem paying their taxes knowing the government has to get its money somewhere.  Maybe McCain and his cronies think we, the working class, can have bake sales and car washes to pay down the deficit.  I don’t get the mentality of the McCains of the world, who have more money than they can spend in ten lifetimes, worrying about paying a fair amount of tax that would make absolutely no difference in their lives.

McStupid and others use the illogical argument that the rich need these tax cuts in order to to create jobs and stimulate the economy.  To paraphrase that TV quack psychologist, Dr. Phil, “How’s that workin’ so far?”  The tax cuts are about to expire and suddenly they need the money to create jobs they could have been creating over the past ten years…oh wait, silly me, they have created jobs, just not in this country.

As far as stimulating the economy, I doubt the recession has had any effect on the spending habits of the very rich, they have continued business as usual: conspicuous consumption and being completely out of touch with the common folk.  The problem is they are the only ones spending on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary like so many Americans these days.

Tax cuts or no tax cuts, the lives of the rich will go on as usual.  If the tax cuts (hopefully) expire they will just have one more thing to bitch about while dining with friends at the yacht club.

Is Obama a Muslim?

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So what if he is, who cares?  No one should know or care what the religion of the president or any other elected official is.  That is, or should be, a private matter.  Church and state are supposed to be separated so the religion of anyone serving the state is irrelevant.

During the campaign his opposition made a great big damn deal out of Obama’s CHRISTIAN minister who made statements, of his own free will, which were somehow Obama’s fault.  And you think he is a Muslim because?  Do you think the church he attended is a Mosque in disguise?  Or is it that you don’t freaking THINK?  Not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone accusing Obama of being a Muslim.  Yeah I get that the accusers are stupid, but here is what irks me even more.  The denials coming from his supporters, who should be saying what I started out with: so what.  It reminds me of a video clip I saw, during the race for the oval office; a woman said to McCain that Obama was an Arab, to which McCain replied, “No, he’s not he is a good family man.”  Does this mean an Arab cannot be a good family man?  This is of course a rhetorical question because we’re talking about McCain here who has the brains of a crayon (I don’t know why I said crayon, it was the first thing that jumped into my head).

We have freedom of religion in this country on paper but in real life, where the idiots live, we have freedom of religion as long as you happen to be a christian (yep, I didn’t capitalize it, it was deliberate).  If you are anything but christian you are not part of the mainstream.  If you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or any number of religions that are NOT christian you are an outsider.  As a kid you are an outsider in public schools where they give time off for christian holidays, recite the NEW and improved version of the pledge of allegiance;  now fortified with god for the health of your soul.  Other public functions that should be separated by church and state start with some sort of prayer, benediction, or reference to god.

Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favorites is when I find myself in a conversation with someone I barely know or just met and they begin talking about jesus (again not capitalized on purpose) or church, or the lord, in a way that assumes I am on board with this crap. When this happens I want to gouge the eyes out of their heads and cut out their tongues, but until eye-gouging and tongue-ectomies are legalized, I just stand there and let my eyes glaze over while I imagine how much fun it would be.

Christianity (capitalized here only because it starts the sentence, but written with an equal amount of disdain) is being forced down our collective throats more and more and I am getting REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, tired of it.  I’m not telling you not to be christians, but could you please keep it to yourselves; the rest of us aren’t interested and if we ever are we know where to go to sign up.  Like convenience stores and Starbucks, there are churches on every corner.

People, I’m talking to you, christians.  Obama probably is not a Muslim, as if it is any of your business.  He was in fact born in the USA and who the hell do you all think you are demanding to see his birth certificate?  I’m going to go out on a limb here because I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m guessing that to be eligible for the job of president you have to, at some point during the process, produce a birth certificate, and that Obama’s was in fact shown to the proper parties, so give it a rest.  I bet you respond to that by asserting the birth certificate is a fake and it is all a conspiracy, by the Islamic religion, to take over our nation.  Oh, if it were only that easy to quash christianity.

During the Obama v McCain run for office no one questioned McCain’s citizenship even though he was born in Panama.  And do you know why?  Because the progressives and the liberals are a bit smarter than you guys and have a whole lot more common sense.  If it had been Obama who was born in Panama, THEN it would have been an issue.  As I am writing this, another possibility occurs to me.  Some of the birthers probably don’t know Hawaii is a state.  The reason I say this is because I live in Arizona and, in the course of my work, I have talked with people from every part of the U.S. and you would be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t) at the number of people who don’t know that Arizona and New Mexico are states.

This country is in trouble.  The economy is imploding, people are without jobs, food, homes, and hope.  Our infrastructure is crumbling.  The political climate in this country is becoming ever more and more divided and the political climate of the world is unstable at best and your biggest worry is how or to whom the President worships?  Are you guys really that dumb?  Do you really believe all that bullshit or are you just grasping at straws because we have a black president and that is your worst nightmare?  Even if he is Muslim, that’s not going to get him thrown out of office so, nice try.

People, you need to smarten up, so here is a suggestion.  Take a big heavy book, if you own one, if not a brick will do.  OK now give your head a real hard smack with it and hopefully that will get some blood flowing to your rapidly atrophying brains.

Is anyone aware that we have OTHER borders?

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Am I missing something?  Discussions in regard to illegal immigration are always focused on our southern border with Mexico.  Once in a while I hear a brief reference to Canada, but it’s rare.  Has everyone forgotten we have three other borders?  I have met people that are in this country illegally from Canada and Europe so I have to assume they are not the only ones.  For all I know they may outnumber those from the southern border.  Why is this not an issue being discussed as vehemently as illegals coming from Mexico? I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here, could it be because they’re white and or not brown?

That someone has not entered our country by climbing a fence, digging a tunnel, hidden inside a smuggler’s vehicle, or having trekked across treacherous desert terrain doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be here.  For those who have forgotten our other borders, below is an illustration that may help jog your memory.  You may notice that the one getting all the attention is not the largest.

I am in no way saying we should not have a comprehensive immigration policy in place.  We need to be mindful of those we let into our country just as we are about the people we let into our homes.  I live not far from the Mexican border and the border patrol is a very visible presence.  As well as the agents they have posted along the border they maintain a checkpoint inside the state of Arizona maybe twenty or thirty miles north of the border, where every car is stopped.  I am not commenting on whether or not this is sufficient because I have no way of knowing.  Here is what I do know.  Just like your home, no matter how well protected it is and how many security measures you have in place, if someone really wants to get in they will find a way.

I’m just saying.

Duck and Run – The Christians are Loose!

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Obama signed the health care bill and before the ink was dry the Christian, right-wing-nut, republican, pre-lifers (see first comment) went berserk.  Elected officials who voted for the bill have been targeted with threats, acts of violence, deluged with hate mail, you name it they’re getting it.  Progressive radio talk show host, Ed Schultz, played some of the voice mails this morning.  Hearing what people, none of whom left their names (surprise), had to say was truly disturbing.  And scary.  The good Christian pro-lifers left messages like you bleeping baby killer I hope you get cancer and die, God will make you burn in hell and lots of swearing, threats, wishes of  suffering painful death, and name calling from our good Christian friends.  In my opinion, Schultz played right into their hands by giving these hateful ignoramuses air time.   Should we judge all Christians by the words and actions of these radical nut jobs?  Probably not.  Should we judge all Muslims by the actions of the radical nut jobs?  Again, probably not.

The following is from the Ed Schultz website:

Hoyer Critical of Talk of Violence against Lawmakers

Posted on 3/25/2010

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-MD, voiced concern Thursday over warnings of violent reprisals against members of Congress who voted for landmark health care legislation.

Rep. Hoyer said the threats are being taken “very seriously.”

Rep. Hoyer Comments
Rep. Hoyer said, “The bottom line is, we need to be very careful in public life that our rhetoric doesn’t incite to violent acts.”

He said dealing with difficult issues in a civil and peaceful manner is “at the core of our democracy.”

Threats to Democrats
Four Democratic offices in New York, Arizona and Kansas were struck with violence.
At least 10 members of Congress have reported some sort of threats.
The FBI is investigating the incidents.

Read the AP story
Read – Hoyer: Violent Threats Not “Par for the Course”
Read: Democrats deal with threats over health care support

If these, and other acts that have been reported, and those yet to happen – you can bet they are just revving up – were committed by Muslims they would be called acts of terrorism.  This is not about Muslims following a radical leader, but about Christians following their radical leaders.  The leaders who, with their constant barrage of incendiary remarks, incite their followers, who are largely the most ignorant among us, who take what they hear, from their leaders, and run with it.  And by leaders I’m talking about Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and others of their ilk who foment hatred.  Talk about abusing the right to freedom of speech.  With that right comes responsibility and the way these guys have abused it they should have their mouths sewn shut.  In some countries they would have their tongues cut out, and at the moment I find both of these scenarios to be quite amusing.  I wish I had more time so I could have some fun with Photoshop.

Bloggers and tweeters have now moved beyond bitching, moaning, and name calling to outright threats, some aimed directly at our president, which, by the way is a crime.  I cannot begin to understand the mentality of the so called Christians who believe they will solve what they decide are the world’s problems by preaching hate, and promoting deaths to preserve the sanctity of life.  Even I, have my own personal hater, Melissa, who claims to be on a mission from god to silence me and who seems just crazy enough, and thoroughly ignorant, that if she were ever to discover my location, might escalate her status to stalker, possibly murderer – in the name of god – of course.

Socialism – It’s been hiding for a long time…

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…you just can’t see the forest for the trees.  Take our present health care system, for example.  Aside from greed, do you know what else has driven the health care costs to epic heights?  It is because those of us that have the ability to pay are subsidizing those who can’t.  As more and more people use emergency room facilities, because they cannot be refused treatment if they are not able to pay, the more costs rise for the rest of us.  So it is through higher and higher health care costs we are subsidizing the poor.  Isn’t that really the kind of socialism some of you are afraid of if we were to have a public option or single payer plan?

What about your police, fire, and military protection?  We all put our money in a pool (our taxes) to pay for those services.  The poor, who don’t pay any taxes, still have the same benefits and protections from those services as those who pay, do they not?

In education, especially private schools, financial aid and scholarships often come from money paid by those most able to afford the high tuition.  As you can see, no matter where you look there is a form of socialism within our capitalist system, yet it is thrown around as such a dirty, ugly word.

What is so wrong with the haves helping the have-nots?  Has greed and materialism created a society of people who have the attitude; I got mine, too bad too sad for you if you can’t get yours?  Caring about the less fortunate would benefit our society as a whole but people are just too freaking stupid to get it!  These same folks are usually of the good Christian ilk.  Calling one’s self a Christian isn’t the same as being a Christian.  I know many of my fellow atheists who lead  more Christian lives than the so-called Christians.

I’m going to veer slightly off topic here.  In regard to the new health care bill that will make buying  health insurance mandatory, there is a good reason for doing it.  It sounds scary to people, but since the bill will put an end to the health  insurance industry’s practice denying coverage to those with pre-existing conditions this measure is necessary to be fair to the insurers (yes I hate the thought of that one as much as anyone since they have been screwing us for years) if the mandatory clause were left out, many people would not buy insurance until they got sick.  It would be kind of like waiting until your house has burned down to buy home owner’s insurance.

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