My plan worked!

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Over the past several months I’ve posted political cartoons (and a few comments) focused on Mitt Romney’s shortcomings in effort to get Obama re-elected and as you can see it worked.


The facts according to…

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And how do we know this…because we have:

Is Mitt ready for a rubber room?

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Or is he simply a garden variety Mittwit?  From OpEd News:

I watched Mitt Romney give a speech at a rally and he spoke about the four dead in Bengazi. His facial expressions were bizarre and inappropriate. He said that the ambassador was “wonderful,” then paused, looking for another, better word. He couldn’t think of one, so he said it again, vacuously, “wonderful.” Then, he smiled in a strange, even more inappropriate way, making a remark about a moment of silence that he didn’t invoke.

Then, there’s the way he keeps revising the truth, changing the narrative in distorted, dishonest way.

The first symptom– inappropriate affect– reminded me of when I worked as part of an emergency psychiatry team. Inappropriate affect was a common symptom of mental illness– psychosis that would warrant involuntary psychiatric hospitalization.

That got me thinking. Another symptom was “confabulation” delusional ways of seeing. defines confabulation as:

“to fill in gaps in one’s memory with fabrications that one believes to be facts.”

Now, I don’t think Romney needs to be hospitalized involuntarily, but these symptoms do add to the concern I have when I think about Mitt Romney as president.

BTW, there IS another psychiatric category where you see inappropriate affect of a different sort– sociopath, also called psychopath.

A Glowing Endorsement for Mitt Romney

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From Gnostic Bent:


Jenna Jameson at the Adult Entertainment Expo ...

Jenna Jameson at the Adult Entertainment Expo 2007, with short blonde hair (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Retired porn star Jenna Jameson supports Mitt Romney – ABC News.

Watch your back, Obama!

It appears as if the porn industry may be backing Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney rather than Barack.

Retired adult film star Jenna Jameson, speaking from a strip club no less, endorsed the big business candidate and said, “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

Thanks for clearing that up for us, Jenna. After all, we want to protect the rich at all costs.

Even more disconcerting is the fact that one of my personal heroes, hedgehog-looking and unfairly endowed adult film star Ron Jeremy, also seems to be backing Romney. Jeremy recently referred to Romney as “a good man” and “an amazing father.”

Does it matter that Romney and many of his supporters likely consider the porn industry to be immoral and even sinful?

I guess not since, as Jameson so eloquently stated, it’s all about the money.

What is this country coming to?


Wherever the wind blows…

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