WE are NOT Pregnant!

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I cringe every time I hear a couple declare, “We’re pregnant!”

I have been pregnant and given birth. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and while my then future former husband did contribute (sperm) to the pregnancy, he did not:

  • throw up daily until he wanted to die
  • have constant back aches from the strain of carrying a human being around inside of his body
  • be absolutely insane due to raging pregnancy hormones
  • have to pee every 10 minutes or be afraid to laugh or sneeze due to the constant pressure on his bladder
  • push a large head with a baby attached to it out of a small opening in his body in front of an audience of nurses, doctors, attendants, etc.

These are only a few of the things that go along with being pregnant and believe me when I say they are not as much fun as you might think.   So guys stop including yourself in the pregnancy except to be supportive, loving, and understanding.  And women, even though  your hubby, baby daddy, significant other is all of the things I just mentioned only one of you is pregnant.

I’m just saying…

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