It’s not nice to piss off Mother Nature

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Earthlings, we are screwed. Global warming and climate change are heavily debated issues. Some believe there are no issues, others think climate change is not caused by humans…who knows? What I do know is that climate is not static and our planet has gone through many periods of warming and cooling. I doubt that it’s possible to quantify how much can be attributed to us and how much is simply nature taking its course.

We haven’t treated our planet very well, and now that the heat is on (literally and figuratively) we are all scrambling to correct what is probably already FUBAR, as they say in the military.  The BP (Befouled Planet) oil spill is very likely the last nail in our coffin; and will have far-reaching and dire consequences that will cause chain reactions that multiply those consequences exponentially.  Even if we could take proactive corrective measures (as opposed to the oops we’d better start being conservative with our precious resources school of thought) we would be subject to the laws of unintended consequences.

We’ve been breeding like bunnies and there are too damn many people on the planet and it’s unfortunate we arrived at these numbers before we developed the technology to colonize other planets to screw up.

Nature has a way of self-correcting.  We can observe these corrections on a small-scale in biomes (or ecosystems),  and habitats.  When humans feel the need to intervene to preserve one or more of the above, the results are not always what is expected or hoped for (unintended consequences).

In recent times we have seen more extreme weather conditions, in number and power, than we think of as the norm: earthquakes, severe storms, flooding, blizzards, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions,etc.  In my humble opinion, this is nature’s way of self-correcting in attempt to decrease the earth’s population and restore balance.


To Melissa, I’m back.  Sorry that praying I would never come back didn’t work for you.  Perhaps your imaginary friend in the sky had more important things to do.


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