13 Year Old Girl Stip Searched at School, Suspected of Having Ibuprofin

October 6, 2007 at 8:23 am | Posted in social comment, stupidity | 15 Comments
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I’m beginning to suspect that something is being released into the environment or our water that is causing most Americans to lose functioning brain cells at a rapidly increasing rate.  Either that, or now that we have stupidity in the White House as our ultimate role model, perhaps the other morons are crawling out from their rocks and crevices thinking stupid is cool, because every day I hear so much stupid stuff I can’t even begin to comment on all of it.

I came across the story of a court ruling that a strip search, conducted by Safford, AZ junior high school officials, of a thirteen year old girl suspected of having ibuprofen was reasonable, and that her civil rights were not violated.  Granted most schools, this one included, have rules about students carrying over the counter drugs, but even if this little girl broke the rule I think the school officials went way overboard.  I cannot believe the courts agreed.  Imagine if she’d been carrying a prescription medication, I suppose they would have felt justified in taking her out to the playground and shooting her.

What the school should have done, was called the girl’s parent/s.  If I had been the mother of this girl I can pretty much guarantee that I would have committed numerous violations of the civil rights of anyone involved in subjecting my kid to this unthinkable humiliation and trauma.

I understand why more and more people are choosing to home school their kids.


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