Here a Jesus, there a Jesus, everywhere a Jesus

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Praise the lord those people didn’t accidentally eat the Cheeto Jesus (or you might have just watched a video about an orange turd that looked like Jesus).  Daddy must have been watching over his only begotten son that day, though I’m wondering where good old dad was when they were covering little Jesus with that yucky orange cheese-like substance and sealing him into an airtight plastic bag.

Every few months or so someone finds the image of Jesus in their tortilla, cheese sandwich, car window, navel lint, and I’m sure somewhere on the net is a list of all of the other strange places the image of Jesus has appeared.  I’m always amused that people attribute some sort of religious miracle status to these items by paying absurd amounts of money to buy them on eBay, or offering money to file past the sacred tortilla in someone’s kitchen.

Here’s the thing, I look at grainy wood, floor tiles, the texture on the ceiling, and see images of all kinds of things.  So far no Jesus, but just as soon as one shows up I’m getting the toolbox and selling the tile, chunk of ceiling, or whatever happens to contain the sacred image, to the highest sucker bidder.

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