Uh, excuse me but we were here first

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Mars rover discovers cause of climate change

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Politically Correct Olympic Uniforms

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Lettuce pray

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I don’t see dead people, do you?

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Image courtesy of “The Poison Forest”

So there was long line in the women’s bathroom at Costco, though there was an empty stall that everyone seemed to be ignoring.  I asked if it was out of order and a store employee happily announced…obviously not for the first time and proud to have the inside poop (pun intended), “A lady died in there last week.”  Confused about this new bathroom protocol I asked if the body was still in there which caused me to get some strange looks.  “Well, no.” Ms. Inside Info said.  “Well then, what’s the problem?” I asked on my way to the empty stall, to the amazement and horror of those in line.  Do you think you’ve never been anywhere someone has died?

People are very strange about death (like if they ignore it, it will never happen to them) but now I know how to avoid those long rest room lines in the future.

You know America has an obesity problem when THIS happens!

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Don’t Tease the Frog

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