The best use of our tax dollars so far

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Manhood are from Mars: Nasa red-faced after Rover ‘draws rude image’

Image appears to show manhood on Mars drawn by NASA's Curiosity Rover robot probe

Rude … image appears to show manhood on Mars
Published: 6 hrs ago

NASA space boffins have been caught drawing a comedy manhood – on the surface of MARS.

The rude drawing has emerged in a series of images taken by one of its rover machines.

The £1.6billion Curiosity rover robot probe landed on Mars in August last year and is meant to be used to examine the red planet’s surface in search of life.

The Curiosity Rover has built up a huge fanbase with its own Twitter account with thousands of followers.

It regularly updates its social media page with snapshots from deep space.

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Guess where Jesus appeared…hint it’s not a tortilla

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jesus image

A cruel twist of fate

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My plan worked!

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Over the past several months I’ve posted political cartoons (and a few comments) focused on Mitt Romney’s shortcomings in effort to get Obama re-elected and as you can see it worked.


Romney’s storm survival tips

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World’s Smallest Computer

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Two of life’s greatest qualities

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