Ever get the feeling you’re being watched?

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Privacy: an obsolete word describing the ability we once had to decide which parts of our lives to share and what to keep to ourselves.  We no longer have this choice.

The internet has just about everything anyone wants to know about anyone if one knows where to look.  Surveillance cameras record us everywhere, to keep us safe?  More and more communities have speed cameras, red light cameras, security cameras, and I shudder to think where else we might be watched.

Satellites capture images for Google maps and other services, not to mention government satellites that, I’m told, can clearly show the image of a license plate number.  Does this mean if I go outside sans clothing, somewhere someone is getting a show and I’m not even getting the requisite $2.99 per minute?

People with cell phone cameras often surreptitiously photograph or record video of unsuspecting people who may turn up on a website and may never know they’re out there.

We are encouraged to buy with credit or debit cards.  Hardly anyone uses cash anymore.  If we become a cashless society everything we do can be tracked and recorded.  No, I’m not paranoid, I am simply noticing a trend.

People willingly and often naively share private information on social networking platforms with little or no thought about how this information may come back to bite them in the ass.  Much of this networking is done via cell phone…excuse me…mobile device.  Most communication has been reduced  to print in the form of text messages, tweets, emails, etc.  Every thought becomes a virtual paper trail without concern for possible future consequences.

I imagine a time, in the not too distant future, where instead of being required, by our corporate government, to have a social security number, we will all be required to be micro-chipped (for our own safety and convenience).  The chips will contain our national ID number, which will replace the social security number.  The ID will serve not only as our identification, but our bank account number, phone number, and all of our personal, medical, and financial information will be contained on the chip.  When making a purchase or receiving wages you will simply pass through a scanner and your account will be debited or credited accordingly.  Taxes will be automatically debited based on your electronic profile.  However, most work and shopping will be done online, so your personal computer will be equipped with a micro-chip scanner.  Hospital emergency rooms will instantly have your medical history and guarantee of payment with the wave of a scanner.

If we don’t completely screw up the planet and make it uninhabitable we will eventually evolve without voices since we will have stopped using them in favor of electronic text communication.  For the rare times we are physically in the presence of others we will be able to determine any number of things about one another via the digital readout implanted in our foreheads.

For some odd reason third world countries are starting to look pretty good to me.

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