New Symbol of Christian Family Values

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Is McCain Looking Through the Eyes of Lust?

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Since McCain announced Sarah Palin (aka Caribou Barbie) as his running mate, in every picture (or tv news video) I’ve seen of the two of them I swear McCain is looking at her like he REALLY wants to DO her. Is Palin going to be his trophy VP the way Cindy was his trophy wife? He only met her twice before deciding to ask her to run and the invitation was extended on the second meeting. Could it have been McPenis doing the deciding? He does have a pattern of out with the old in with the new. He screwed around with his present wife while he was married. At the time apparently Cindy was quite a hottie (and it probably didn’t hurt that she’s loaded), but she’s starting to show some wear so maybe McSame is hoping for a little Clintonesqe oval office action.

Let me remind you we are talking about the Republican party, the “Family Values” party. The party who believes teaching children about sex will encourage them to have it and only the teaching of abstinence is acceptable. I can hear Dr. Phil asking Palin, “How’s that workin’ for you so far?” By the looks of it, not very well. If you do the math it would seem Sarah’s first baby was conceived out of wedlock, and to follow mom’s shining example her seventeen (some say 16) year old unwed daughter is pregnant. I think Ms. Palin has been too busy racking up ALL that experience that qualifies her to be vice president to pay enough attention to her kids. Way to parent, Sarah!

Don’t “family values” teach that children, especially babies need their mothers? Palin is willing to turn over the primary care of her baby, not just any baby but a special needs baby, to someone else…she cannot possibly be a full time mom and hit the campaign trail. This is hypocrisy taken to a new level. Note to right wing nuts…I don’t even want to hear about how if this were a man it would be a non-issue…because the connection between a baby and its mother is not the same as baby and father, it’s biology, pure and simple.

Imagine if the Obamas had a pregnant teenager. I don’t even care to speculate at the furor that would be raised. Or if Palin had been a democrat and chosen for the VP spot. She’d have been run through the shredder in the first twenty four hours.

McCain loves to point out, ad nauseam, Obama’s lack of experience. The experience Palin has that qualifies her for the job is questionable at best.

Let me recount her qualifications as I understand them:

  • She shot a moose, so we know she’s a better shot than Cheney. This would also count as combat training should she have to help conduct some of those hundred years of war.
  • She lives in Alaska, which is closer to Russia so she can totally handle that Georgia situation.
  • She won a beauty pageant, so she knows how to be a winner
  • She was the mayor of a town that had fewer people than the entire Obama campaign staff. She was nearly recalled and left the little town broke. She’s been under investigation for corruption…this alone should qualify her for the White House according to the standards set by the Bush crime syndicate.
  • She knows her history. When asked what she thought of the word God in the Pledge of Allegience she replied, “If it was good enough for the founding fathers, it’s good enough for me.” The original pledge did not contain the word God, it was added sometime in the 1950’s.

At this point only two words come to mind. HOLY SHIT!

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