If they put god in a department store

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Growing up there was no religion in my home.  As a young child I was aware other people attended church (temples, mosques, etc.), because their religion dictated they do so, but I didn’t understand why (in truth as an adult I still don’t).  In our house we did celebrate christmas* and easter*, not as religions celebrations, but the commercialized versions of fun things to do, like Halloween or April Fools Day.  As much as I detest these holidays now, I loved them as a child.  I enjoyed coloring easter eggs and couldn’t get enough of the lights and decorations on christmas and loved our decorated trees and the presents under them on christmas morning.

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From my parents I heard about the easter bunny who brought baskets full of treats, the tooth fairy who put money under my pillow in exchange for lost teeth, Santa Claus who brought presents on christmas and god who, as far as I could tell, did nothing .

Even as a very young child, I knew the tooth fairy was one of my parents, god and the easter bunny were imaginary, but for part of my childhood I did believe in Santa Claus.  Why?  For one, the same reason that most people believe in god; fear.  If I didn’t believe in Santa I might not get presents.  Another reason I believed in Santa is because every year before christmas he came down from the north pole and took up temporary residence in a department store where I could see him with my own two eyes, sit on his lap and tell him what I wanted for christmas.

Not that I am promoting a belief in god, but it occurs to me that if the believers (who seem hell-bent on converting non- believers) changed their marketing plan and copied the successful Santa strategy they may have more believers.  If god really exists he/she/it shouldn’t be averse to spending time in a department store or at the mall where people, including those with doubts, could come and see god.  I’m suggesting that for a week or two each year god could sit on a throne at the mall and people could line up to tell god their hopes and prayers for the year.  It’s all about marketing..that’s all I’m saying.

*why it’s not capitalized

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