Ron Paul campaign getting more bang for YOUR bucks

December 7, 2011 at 5:43 pm | Posted in crooks & liars, elections, political campaigns | 4 Comments
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When I received my change at the store the other day I noticed one of the dollar bills had something stamped in red.  Being pretty sure it’s illegal to deface currency I looked it up and according to Wiki Answers it is, but as suspected rarely enforced.  Just because it’s not enforced does that make it OK to commit a crime?  Considering what was stamped on the dollar I found this item in my search particularly interesting.

Of course there is no proof that Ron Paul is behind these dollar bill ads, but I suspect he might be.  Wouldn’t this criminal activity give him an unfair advantage?  Hell, why should any of us pay for advertising for our services, let’s just follow Paul’s example and use U.S. currency to circulate our messages.

This dollar isn’t going back into circulation..the buck stops here and that jackass Ron Paul owes me a dollar.


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