When Jesus ate the magic mushrooms

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By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What a strange and wobbly time in which to live. We refuse to believe something until it’s “proven” via scientific method, but once it’s proven half the nation immediately discredits it because science is for elitist liberals and only creationist Jesus and a sad gang of very dead, enormously repressed Bible-writing priests from 1,500 years ago actually know anything about “truth.”

Meanwhile, the best and most illuminating of nature’s medicines remain underground, sidelined and fringe while the costly synthetics rage on full force, addicting millions, numbing out the soul of world, most no better (and often far, far worse) than placebos.

Did Jesus take magic mushrooms? Can we deliberate for a moment? How about Buddha? Allah? Eve? Was the gleaming apple from the tree of knowledge not laced with ayahuasca and wormwood and dark rum? Can we safely assume? Oh, we absolutely can.

This much we know: mushrooms inspire a numinous state, and Jesus was nothing if not a card-carrying mystic. A seer. An anti-establishment, proto-hippie, street-screamin’ visionary who hung out with prostitutes and freaks and loved everyone equally, saw everyone as full incarnation of pure divinity right here on earth. And he was what, sober? Sure.  entire article

Does our calendar proves the validity of the bible?

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We’re all familiar with circular reasoning.  I found this clip amusing because it adds a new twist…at least for me…using the calendar as proof of all things christian.  Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that the second guy in this video thinks we non believers don’t have a right to be using what he considers to be their calendar?

Whenever I hear this kind of non-reason, my first reaction is to think the speaker must have been dropped on their head early in life.  This leads me to wonder if the occurrence of babies being dropped on their heads isn’t more common than one would imagine.


WARNING, Adult Reading Material!

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