The best use of our tax dollars so far

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Manhood are from Mars: Nasa red-faced after Rover ‘draws rude image’

Image appears to show manhood on Mars drawn by NASA's Curiosity Rover robot probe

Rude … image appears to show manhood on Mars
Published: 6 hrs ago

NASA space boffins have been caught drawing a comedy manhood – on the surface of MARS.

The rude drawing has emerged in a series of images taken by one of its rover machines.

The £1.6billion Curiosity rover robot probe landed on Mars in August last year and is meant to be used to examine the red planet’s surface in search of life.

The Curiosity Rover has built up a huge fanbase with its own Twitter account with thousands of followers.

It regularly updates its social media page with snapshots from deep space.

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Another moronic congressman crawls out from under his rock

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Georgia Rep. Paul Broun showing the world how enlightened he is:

Intelligent life found on Mars

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Mitt’s many monies

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Becoming one with your cell phone

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I’ve thought for a long time now, that eventually technology will find a way for people to have cell phones permanently implanted into their bodies.  It would be so much more convenient to have your phone as part of your anatomy, and possibly less annoying for the observer, than to have the phone constantly in your hand/s and/or in front of your face.

I think cell phone use can, for some, be classified as an addiction.  The other day I was driving on a very narrow, winding road when I came up behind a bicyclist who instead of moving close to the shoulder, to allow me to pass, swerved aimlessly in front of my car and toward the middle of the road forcing me to slow down until I could safely pass.  When this finally happened I saw that the guy on the bike was riding no hands and no eyes as he was completely engrossed in texting.  A mac truck could have been heading right toward him; he was oblivious.  I thought he would deserve it if I circled back and ran him over.

So I guess there is good news on the horizon for cell phone junkies.  There are designs in the works for implanting phones into teeth and under the skin.  In addition Nokia has a patent for tattoo ink that vibrates in various patterns when you receive a call, text, or other notification from your phone.  Thank goodness for this last one, it allows you to be more than three feet from your precious mobile device.

These options raise all kinds of questions and scenarios in my mind, aside from the obvious unknown negative health implications.

For starters let’s look at the dental and skin phone implants.  Will there be small clinics located in phone stores or will you need to take the device to a medical facility?  Will the doctors and dentists need special training and certifications?  Or, and this one is scary, will they simply train some of the top phone sales people as phone-med techs (an entirely new job category)?

Teeth can be rather sensitive.  When you receive a call will it be an unpleasant sensation similar to having a tooth drilled without Novocaine?  I think this gives new meaning to talking with your mouth full and if you have one implanted into your forearm you can truly say, “Talk to the hand.”   What happens with the arm and dental implant when your contract is up; does it require a new medical procedure?  If you don’t pay your bill, will some guy with a scalpel show up at your door?  I’m thinking they should just put the phones in breast implants…we could have all kinds of fun with that topic on another day.

Moving on to the vibrating tattoo ink, which could be a great source of irritation or pleasure…I’m guessing.  If you chose to put the tattoo in a spot where you have a lot of tension the tattoo could have a relaxing massage-like effect.  On the other hand if you receive a lot of calls and texts it could start to get kind of annoying.  And I just know that there will be the guy (or guys) who thinks it’s a good idea to have the vibrating tattoo placed on his penis and spends the day calling himself.  Or maybe it vibrates for her pleasure, in which case getting a phone call during an intimate encounter, rather than being a bad thing, may enhance the experience.

I am really glad that so much thought and money is being used to develop these products that will greatly enhance our lives.  Do you love your cell phone enough to have an invasive procedure that makes you one with your phone?

Conning the Faithful

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When I was a kid my father would sometimes invite his co-workers to to visit our home.  They were a pretty interesting bunch but the most fascinating was a salesman who had once made his living as a con artist.  He spent some time in jail and I’m guessing he didn’t like it since he didn’t go back to his life of crime after being released.

According to my father he was a top salesman.  I think one would have to be pretty good at sales in order to con people out of their money.  I once heard him tell my father that when he saw a Madonna in the yard he knew he would be able to sell anything to the people in the house.  At the time I didn’t really grasp the meaning of his statement, but as an adult I finally got it.  People who believed the virgin birth story were gullible, easy marks so to speak.

I don’t know if people have become more ignorant and gullible than they once were or if it just seems that way since the information age has given anyone and everyone a public voice.  Either way, people, you’ve been had.  And it will continue as long as you are willing to give up rational thought and common sense to let some loud mouthed, highly paid, advertising revenue generating quasi pundits do your thinking for you.  They may or may not believe what they say, but one thing is certain; they are paid a boat load of money to say outrageous things because there are people so ignorant as to take them seriously.  But in reality they are nothing more than entertainers.

The so called pundits that give you your marching orders are very likely laughing at you, all the way to the bank.   Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity to name a few…for all you know any one of them may be a progressive, free thinking, atheist like me.  They may have blogs that are diametrically opposed to their public persona, and may reflect how they really think.  Or maybe I am a right wing-nut posing as a liberal.  Could Honjii really be Glenn Beck?

I have an acquaintance who had some success in the entertainment business.  She was not a superstar but would probably be considered a D-list celebrity by today’s standards.  While she is a very attractive woman in her everyday life, there is only a slight resemblance to the extremely strikingly beautiful woman in her films and photos.  She describes the business as smoke and mirrors (but mostly good lighting), and herself as a product that was packaged, branded, and marketed in the way an electronic gadget, food, clothing, or anything else is marketed to the consuming public.  Her life story, the real one that she spoke of in interviews or to her fans was a complete fabrication; just part of the package.

So keep on listening to the ignorant, outrageous trash that comes from the mouths of the Sarah Palins of the world and lets see how long it takes us to slide back into the dark ages.

This is gonna offend…

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…a whole bunch of people with one fell swoop.

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