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I have, recently, on a several occasions heard someone I have known for a very long time refer to herself as being half Jewish.  I am puzzled by this new identification because this person is an atheist who was raised by atheist parents – no religious upbringing, training, or indoctrination whatsoever.  I’m stumped, especially since the basis for Judeo-Christian religions is a belief in the big G.  If you don’t believe in the invisible man in the sky, STOP right there, you are NOT a Jew, a Christian, or a Muslim, PERIOD.

I think it’s quite strange when people who have been raised in religious homes, with parents of different religions, refer to themselves as half this (pick a religion) and half that.  I’ve heard this declaration from both those who are and are not religious.  How can this be?  If you consider yourself to be a member of a religion you either subscribe to its set of beliefs and rules or you don’t.  The duality of being half one religion and half another must make life complicated and full of contradictions, which may be a bonanza for a shitload of shrinks.

Am I missing something?  Has some new study found that religion is in our genetic code, as is our eye color, hair color, race or ethnicity?  This question is, of course, rhetorical because the answer is NO, NO, NO, and NO!

I’m sure I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  Though one may or may not be born into a religious family, one cannot be born with religion.  We are born as blank slates.  Religion is a fairly complex system of beliefs and as such can only be learned, developed, and adopted over time.  The religion one is born into may teach (as most probably do) that all offspring are automatically members of that religion.  This is the religious catch 22.  In reality, it’s just another religious belief and if you do not believe in a god or reject religion then you reject this belief as well.  I cannot stress this enough, one cannot be born with a religious belief system any more than one can be born with a knowledge of physics, world history, or the ability to play a musical instrument.  If you go through your entire life claiming to be a member of a particular religion simply because your parents are members, and you have never questioned those beliefs, or consciously decided to accept them then you are, in my opinion, dumb.

The fact that we, as humans, are at the top of the evolutionary chain makes us one of the most complex organisms on the planet.  It is for that reason we have longer gestation periods, and once born are more dependent (on our parents) for much longer periods of time than most other animals.  We come out of the womb knowing nothing other than what instinct dictates, which doesn’t go much beyond getting our basic needs for food and comfort met.  Everything else is learned, even religion.

We also learn to think, at least some of us do.  We can and should be able to be critical of everything we are taught and have the ability to decide either to accept or reject what we learn.  If one decides to accept religious teachings, then accept them.  How can you call yourself a member of a religion if you don’t actually believe in, live by, or practice the tenets of that religion?  How can you call yourself a member of a religion if you choose only the parts you like and reject those you don’t?  This philosophy seems more secular than religious.  And do you know what else it seems like?  Hypocrisy.


Here a Jesus, there a Jesus, everywhere a Jesus

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Praise the lord those people didn’t accidentally eat the Cheeto Jesus (or you might have just watched a video about an orange turd that looked like Jesus).  Daddy must have been watching over his only begotten son that day, though I’m wondering where good old dad was when they were covering little Jesus with that yucky orange cheese-like substance and sealing him into an airtight plastic bag.

Every few months or so someone finds the image of Jesus in their tortilla, cheese sandwich, car window, navel lint, and I’m sure somewhere on the net is a list of all of the other strange places the image of Jesus has appeared.  I’m always amused that people attribute some sort of religious miracle status to these items by paying absurd amounts of money to buy them on eBay, or offering money to file past the sacred tortilla in someone’s kitchen.

Here’s the thing, I look at grainy wood, floor tiles, the texture on the ceiling, and see images of all kinds of things.  So far no Jesus, but just as soon as one shows up I’m getting the toolbox and selling the tile, chunk of ceiling, or whatever happens to contain the sacred image, to the highest sucker bidder.

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Persistence – Does it pay?

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Conning the Faithful

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When I was a kid my father would sometimes invite his co-workers to to visit our home.  They were a pretty interesting bunch but the most fascinating was a salesman who had once made his living as a con artist.  He spent some time in jail and I’m guessing he didn’t like it since he didn’t go back to his life of crime after being released.

According to my father he was a top salesman.  I think one would have to be pretty good at sales in order to con people out of their money.  I once heard him tell my father that when he saw a Madonna in the yard he knew he would be able to sell anything to the people in the house.  At the time I didn’t really grasp the meaning of his statement, but as an adult I finally got it.  People who believed the virgin birth story were gullible, easy marks so to speak.

I don’t know if people have become more ignorant and gullible than they once were or if it just seems that way since the information age has given anyone and everyone a public voice.  Either way, people, you’ve been had.  And it will continue as long as you are willing to give up rational thought and common sense to let some loud mouthed, highly paid, advertising revenue generating quasi pundits do your thinking for you.  They may or may not believe what they say, but one thing is certain; they are paid a boat load of money to say outrageous things because there are people so ignorant as to take them seriously.  But in reality they are nothing more than entertainers.

The so called pundits that give you your marching orders are very likely laughing at you, all the way to the bank.   Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity to name a few…for all you know any one of them may be a progressive, free thinking, atheist like me.  They may have blogs that are diametrically opposed to their public persona, and may reflect how they really think.  Or maybe I am a right wing-nut posing as a liberal.  Could Honjii really be Glenn Beck?

I have an acquaintance who had some success in the entertainment business.  She was not a superstar but would probably be considered a D-list celebrity by today’s standards.  While she is a very attractive woman in her everyday life, there is only a slight resemblance to the extremely strikingly beautiful woman in her films and photos.  She describes the business as smoke and mirrors (but mostly good lighting), and herself as a product that was packaged, branded, and marketed in the way an electronic gadget, food, clothing, or anything else is marketed to the consuming public.  Her life story, the real one that she spoke of in interviews or to her fans was a complete fabrication; just part of the package.

So keep on listening to the ignorant, outrageous trash that comes from the mouths of the Sarah Palins of the world and lets see how long it takes us to slide back into the dark ages.

Is Obama a Muslim?

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So what if he is, who cares?  No one should know or care what the religion of the president or any other elected official is.  That is, or should be, a private matter.  Church and state are supposed to be separated so the religion of anyone serving the state is irrelevant.

During the campaign his opposition made a great big damn deal out of Obama’s CHRISTIAN minister who made statements, of his own free will, which were somehow Obama’s fault.  And you think he is a Muslim because?  Do you think the church he attended is a Mosque in disguise?  Or is it that you don’t freaking THINK?  Not a day goes by that I don’t hear someone accusing Obama of being a Muslim.  Yeah I get that the accusers are stupid, but here is what irks me even more.  The denials coming from his supporters, who should be saying what I started out with: so what.  It reminds me of a video clip I saw, during the race for the oval office; a woman said to McCain that Obama was an Arab, to which McCain replied, “No, he’s not he is a good family man.”  Does this mean an Arab cannot be a good family man?  This is of course a rhetorical question because we’re talking about McCain here who has the brains of a crayon (I don’t know why I said crayon, it was the first thing that jumped into my head).

We have freedom of religion in this country on paper but in real life, where the idiots live, we have freedom of religion as long as you happen to be a christian (yep, I didn’t capitalize it, it was deliberate).  If you are anything but christian you are not part of the mainstream.  If you are a Jew, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or any number of religions that are NOT christian you are an outsider.  As a kid you are an outsider in public schools where they give time off for christian holidays, recite the NEW and improved version of the pledge of allegiance;  now fortified with god for the health of your soul.  Other public functions that should be separated by church and state start with some sort of prayer, benediction, or reference to god.

Oh, I almost forgot, one of my favorites is when I find myself in a conversation with someone I barely know or just met and they begin talking about jesus (again not capitalized on purpose) or church, or the lord, in a way that assumes I am on board with this crap. When this happens I want to gouge the eyes out of their heads and cut out their tongues, but until eye-gouging and tongue-ectomies are legalized, I just stand there and let my eyes glaze over while I imagine how much fun it would be.

Christianity (capitalized here only because it starts the sentence, but written with an equal amount of disdain) is being forced down our collective throats more and more and I am getting REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, tired of it.  I’m not telling you not to be christians, but could you please keep it to yourselves; the rest of us aren’t interested and if we ever are we know where to go to sign up.  Like convenience stores and Starbucks, there are churches on every corner.

People, I’m talking to you, christians.  Obama probably is not a Muslim, as if it is any of your business.  He was in fact born in the USA and who the hell do you all think you are demanding to see his birth certificate?  I’m going to go out on a limb here because I don’t know this for a fact, but I’m guessing that to be eligible for the job of president you have to, at some point during the process, produce a birth certificate, and that Obama’s was in fact shown to the proper parties, so give it a rest.  I bet you respond to that by asserting the birth certificate is a fake and it is all a conspiracy, by the Islamic religion, to take over our nation.  Oh, if it were only that easy to quash christianity.

During the Obama v McCain run for office no one questioned McCain’s citizenship even though he was born in Panama.  And do you know why?  Because the progressives and the liberals are a bit smarter than you guys and have a whole lot more common sense.  If it had been Obama who was born in Panama, THEN it would have been an issue.  As I am writing this, another possibility occurs to me.  Some of the birthers probably don’t know Hawaii is a state.  The reason I say this is because I live in Arizona and, in the course of my work, I have talked with people from every part of the U.S. and you would be amazed (or maybe you wouldn’t) at the number of people who don’t know that Arizona and New Mexico are states.

This country is in trouble.  The economy is imploding, people are without jobs, food, homes, and hope.  Our infrastructure is crumbling.  The political climate in this country is becoming ever more and more divided and the political climate of the world is unstable at best and your biggest worry is how or to whom the President worships?  Are you guys really that dumb?  Do you really believe all that bullshit or are you just grasping at straws because we have a black president and that is your worst nightmare?  Even if he is Muslim, that’s not going to get him thrown out of office so, nice try.

People, you need to smarten up, so here is a suggestion.  Take a big heavy book, if you own one, if not a brick will do.  OK now give your head a real hard smack with it and hopefully that will get some blood flowing to your rapidly atrophying brains.

Candidate Heffington and Honjii go at it!

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Here is a follow up on the post about Joan Heffington, candidate for governor of Kansas.  When I noticed, Contact Joan Heffington, on her website I couldn’t resist having a little fun.  I sent the following email, and I was surprised to get a personal response.  I just figured she would be so busy with hoards tens of supporters I would get only a canned response or nothing at all.  Below is my email, her response, and my response to her response, and her final response after having lost the primary.  Though I disagree with everything she stands for, I have to hand it to her for taking the time to engage in discourse with someone so diametrically opposed to her.

your run for governor
From: “Honjii” <>
Date:    Mon, Aug 02, 2010 5:38 pm

Your site looks like you are campaigning to become a church elder rather than a state governor.  Yes, you will appeal to the very religious fundamentalist Christians, but you are missing the big picture.  You may believe this is a Christian nation but that is an uninformed and ignorant belief.  Perhaps the people of your state are naive enough to go along with someone like you, but to use religion to gain office is disgusting.  Could it be that you have nothing else to offer your state?  Christianity and its beliefs and teachings should be taught in religious schools and have no place in schools funded with money from taxpayers, many of whom are not Christian.

How would you like it if you or your children attended a school that forced you to study Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shintoism or any religion that might not be your own?  How would you like it if your tax dollars went to fund public schools that required students to study a religion not their own?  I am getting so tired of Christians like yourself who are so arrogant as to believe or refuse to acknowledge that anyone could possibly hold beliefs different from their own.

If there were a god I would thank him or her that I do not have the misfortune of living in your state.

Honjii Li

Subject:Re: your run for governor
Date:    Mon, Aug 02, 2010 9:16 pm


Thank-you for contacting me with your concerns.  Perhaps you are not aware that Christianity is not a religion.  It is a lifestyle choice, just like atheists, gays, etc.. I would like Christianity to be taught in schools, because I know if I had known what it meant growing up, I wouldn’t have made half the mistakes I’ve made.  Children should know that believing in Jesus is the only way to heaven and that living your life to please God instead of yourself will get you there.  This will give them hope, especially if they have no directions, broken family, etc. and can reduce suicides among our young people.  Kids also need to understand what the fear of God means, and realize that he blesses us in so many ways if we will follow His will and not ours (much of which is written in the Bible). This is also the way to heaven when we die some day.   I think there should be a required class called “CREATE.”  This stands for “Christianity, Religion, Evolution, Atheism, The End.”  This class would teach about all the different belief systems and how they relate to the end of a person’s life, so that young people can make an informed choice about which path they want to follow in life.

Yes, Kansas is in the heart of the Bible belt, and when they say that 86% of American’s consider themselves Christian, there are a lot of people here who go along with this “lifestyle choice.”  But there are more important reasons why I decided to run for governor when I have never aspired to be a politician.  Allow me to send you our quarterly newsletter for the Association for Honest Attorneys.  I think you will see what I mean…

Best regards,

Joan Farr Heffington
Candidate for Kansas Governor
Derby, Kansas 67037
Ph: 316.788.0901
Fx: 316.788.7990

“The answer to world peace is to eliminate arrogance.”

your run for governor
From: “Honjii” <>
Date:    Tue, Aug 03, 2010 3:08 pm

In a sense Christianity or living a Christian lifestyle is not a religion.  However, your use of bible quotes, your plans to require bible study in schools, and the use of crosses (on your website), a religious symbol, are in fact religion.  You say Children should know that believing in Jesus is the only way to heaven and that living your life to please God instead of yourself will get you there. Are you actually denying this is religion?  Belief in God, Jesus, and heaven is religion and while you are free to believe whatever you choose, you have no right to impose your religious beliefs on anyone, especially taxpayers who support the schools and your state.

You talk about requiring the teaching of Christianity, Religion, Evolution, Atheism, and The End and how each belief system relates to the end of life.  Based on your statement that children need to know that belief in Jesus is the only way to heaven (the existence of which is also a religious belief) I doubt very much this CREATE class would in any way shape or form be fair and unbiased.  Since you are unaware you should know that being gay is not a lifestyle choice and is not in the same class with religious, or lack thereof, belief systems. Homosexuality is no more a choice than your race, eye color, hair color, etc.

I posted excerpts from your website on my blog.  One person who commented states: “your objectives demonstrate a fundamental lack of knowledge about federal versus state government functions and spheres of power. Secondarily, she must be planning on significant tax hikes to fund such lofty plans.”

How do you respond to your lack of knowledge about the way government functions and how are you going fund your plans?  That you are so uninformed and ignorant on these and other topics, if you truly care about your state the responsible thing to do would be to get out of the race.


Subject:Re: your run for governor
Date:   Tue, Aug 03, 2010 10:34 pm

I believe there is all kinds of money hiding in our legal system, which is why I want to overhaul it.  Not only would our state get out of debt, we could adjust remaining revenues so that $$ get down to the classroom level where it is needed. But you don’t have to worry – all of this is never going to happen.  Senator Brownback has won the primary and Kansas will continue with “business as usual.”  As this place is too corrupt for me, I am making plans to move soon.  If you’re lucky, I just might move to your state!

Joan Farr Heffington

Have I got a deal for you!

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Melissa is offering a FREE badge of honor for any and all good Christians to display on their site.  I just thought I’d let  you know so you can get ’em while they’re hot, and before she realizes the potential gold mine she has and starts charging for them.  This is a unique opportunity to obtain something of great value, free.  I’m getting one for my blog and you should too.

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