Maybe Misogyny Motivates Mitt

October 25, 2012 at 2:54 pm | Posted in civil liberties, elections, Obama, political campaigns, president, Republicans | 2 Comments
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  1. America sounds like a scary place for women at the moment (exactly how is it different from Saudi Arabia?). Here is a thought with my slight addition at the bottom 🙂

    • How do we differ from Saudi Arabia? Well…so far we don’t have to cover our faces. Just keep watching; if certain people have their way, as we slide back into the dark ages where women (who don’t conform) will be burned as witches and rich white men will once again own and get richer on the backs of slaves. Not only is America a scary place for women but for the 47% or maybe even the 99%.

      Thanks for the link, I do believe I’ll borrow that.

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