Obama bagged Osama and Mitt bagged…

October 12, 2012 at 5:24 pm | Posted in elections, government spending, political campaigns, president, Republicans | 7 Comments
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  1. Y’know, I’m really getting sick of the constant “Obama killed Bin Laden” shtick. Yes, okay, he did give orders to have Bin Laden assassinated. And in so doing, he gave credence to the idea that when fighting terrorists, any tactic at all is justified and the laws go out the window and forget about civil liberties. Those involved have admitted that no provisions whatsoever were made, during that mission, to arrest Bin Laden and try him publicly — which is what any civilized leader would have wanted to do. Instead we got this Wild West show of macho idiocy which plays into the authoritarian idea that we should just trust our government to do whatever it wants without oversight in order to “protect” us.

    Of course, had we captured Bin Laden instead of assassinating him, then at the trial we would have had to own up to the fact that we never actually had any evidence which would stand up in court that he was behind 9/11. I don’t doubt that he was, but — this is America; we’re supposed to prove that criminals are guilty before we punish them. There is more than enough evidence to have condemned him for other crimes, and he certainly approved of the attacks, but there was nothing concrete to show that he was involved in them, which is why the wanted posters for Bin Laden issued by the government never mentioned 9/11. Strange but true.

  2. ” Y’know, I’m really getting sick of the constant “Obama killed Bin Laden” shtick. Yes, okay, he did give orders to have Bin Laden assassinated. ”

    Sick of the only political, military operation that has actually been done correctly? Vietnam, Korea, Iraq? Tea-bag?

    • If you actually read my entire comment, you would see that I do not believe it WAS done correctly. It was a vicious targeted killing when there should have been a trial. (Probably a trial followed by a killing, given who we’re talking about, but there is a right and a wrong way to do these things.)

  3. I did read your whole comment.
    Worrying about if it was/not done `right/correct` is still so minor in the course of recent/historic american disasters tho. Kidnap, Torture, imprisonment of unknown number of people without trial in black-sites like camp-delta/gitmo. Uncounted dead and displaced from Iraq.

    The real stuff-up is not having film/photos released. Which will probably create Legend like status similar to JFK.

    • Ah, you’ve bought into the B.S.

      During World War II, when the fighting was actually causing the Allies famine and disease and all kinds of problems, we still made a point of trying to capture, rather than kill, the men at the top, so we could try them. If Hitler hadn’t killed himself, he would have been captured. Those were the orders, and the soldiers being sent in the area — many of whom did not even want to be soldiers — were told to capture, not kill. We were desperate, fighting for our lives, and we still had the time for niceties like that, because we didn’t want to be as bad as our enemies.

      Right now, the U.S. is really not suffering because of the 9/11 attacks. (We ARE suffering because our economy is based on a lot of unsustainable paper-shuffling and borrowing and purely imaginary financial instruments, but that would have happened anyway. It is the nature of financial bubbles to burst.) There aren’t hundreds of thousands of people who have effectively lost everything in the world because of the terrorists, the way people did because of the Nazis or the Italian Fascists or the Japanese. Our soldiers are vastly better-equipped than the enemy, well-fed, are all volunteers. But we’re so uncivilized and jaded and used to doing evil that we go straight for the kill.

      And in fact we’re so sunk in the mire that most people no longer even notice that the standard has slipped.

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