What’s in your water?

July 25, 2012 at 11:57 am | Posted in Atheism | 4 Comments
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  1. Well, yes.

    If you can come up with a mass-deployable method of disposing of feces which stops the spread of disease the way the current system does, and which does not use water, or a way of getting a second mass water supply into place which provides sanitary-but-not-drinkable water for use in toilets without wasting drinkable water, then you’ll probably make a fortune instantly.

    Until then, the world will use water for toilets in preference to, you know, cholera.

    (Incidentally, water usage is one of the few ways in which U.S. resource usage is actually improving; both per capita and overall, the U.S. population decreased its water usage between 1980 and 2000. So this is not, perhaps, the best issue to try to pick nits about.)

    • I don’t believe the intent of this graphic is to suggest that the U.S. stop using fresh water for sanitation but to illustrate the incredulity, of one who very likely finds potable water scarce to non-existent, that there could exist such a place that has such an abundance of clean water.

  2. In any case fresh or drinkable water shouldn’t be used in sanitation and related activities. We all must be aware that water scarcity is a big problem which is being faced world over and wasting drinkable water for sanitation is really a mass wastage. So, we all must try not to waste water like this and save water as much as we can.

    • @Neil: Well, then, what’s your alternative? Water is currently used in sanitation because the alternatives are not actually sanitary (or, in a couple of cases, are sanitary but vastly more wasteful than using water), and drinkable water is used because no delivery system exists for non-drinkable water. If you have a viable way to change either part of that equation, then the world is effectively all ears, but if you don’t, then the finger-wagging is just stupidity.

      If you’re going to nag about water, then at least restrict yourself to (a) bottled water, which is an ecological catastrophe and (in most of the U.S., at least) almost totally unnecessary, and (b) the western tendency to have chemically-enhanced and machine-manicured grass lawns, which are the single major cause of unarguably wasted water. Trying to argue against sanitation is ridiculous.

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