Voter I.D. law that makes sense

June 11, 2012 at 4:36 pm | Posted in elections, humor | 4 Comments
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  1. Er… I’m getting a broken image here, and when I follow the link to Humor Blogs, there’s an error message with something about authentication, with what looks like an exposed root password.

    • Not sure why you are getting a broken image and have no idea what is going on with humor blogs…sorry. Only advice..try again later, usually works for me.

      • The image is appearing properly now, but humor blogs is still showing an error. And it’s an error on their end, not mine. (That is, it’s a well-formed HTML page with a title saying “Configuration Error” and descriptive text showing the details — which includes giving a series of account IDs and passwords. Someone was very, very careless.)

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