Thinking outside the box…of tampons

November 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm | Posted in modern trends, sick & Twisted, social comment, strange news, stupidity | 7 Comments
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You know how products come with crazy warnings that make you wonder what the hell someone did to get the lawyers in a frenzy trying to cover their corporate butts?

Now it seems the makers of tampons are going to have to come up with some interesting warning labels for their packaging.  When I hear stories like this one my first thought is always how the hell did someone come up with that idea…what was going on, what were they thinking, how drunk/high were they, did they sustain a head injury?

Kids are using tampons to get drunk.  What a stroke of creative genius.  They soak them in vodka before using, skipping the middle man (the stomach) allowing the booze to go straight to the bloodstream.  Good news boys, you don’t have to be left out of the fun just because you don’t have a vagina.  You simply use a nearby but different entry portal.  Since it doesn’t just make you drunk but can be extremely hazardous to your health or to being not dead; I wonder how long before the makers of tampons are the defendants in a lawsuit because their package didn’t warn against the practices described in this video.


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  1. Somehow I don’t think the flavour will come through.

    Seriously, some of the self-destructive behaviour of the younger generation (see, I’m OLD!!!!) is far beyond what I used to do as a youngen’!

    • does vodka even have a flavor?

  2. i wonder if anyone thought of anything stupid to do with q-tips yet

  3. That’s pretty disgusting. Are they doing that beer bong thing in bars and frat houses? Seems pretty unsanitary, someone should call the health department. The video doesn’t say how that works, but if they are passing around a beer bong tube and using it rectally seems like a recipe for e-coli. Curiosity got the better of me while I was writing this so I googled and one of the first things that came up was this video,
    I don’t mean to be sexist here, but guys are stupid..can’t imagine females doing this..EWWW.

  4. I’m torn so I’ll post a few comments that immediately come to mind (well, at least the ones I’m willing to share):

    AWESOME!; Oooh why didn’t I think of that, let me run get my tampons and vodka – party time!; Another modern tool of natural selection . . .

  5. I wonder why vodka? Would it work with tequila or scotch or rum? Might be the tampon makers are missing a great marketing opportunity. They could sell Vodka Tampons, you know, pre-liquored-up and maybe other flavors. Could go on to see if it works with non-alcohol for those times you are hungry but can’t eat. How about double cheese big mac tampons with fries? Coffee tampons for when you need a pick me up, the possibilities are endless.

    • @ samanthaG – you just won the internet with this comment!

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