Did Ron Paul let a baby die?

November 3, 2011 at 1:32 pm | Posted in elections, hypocrisy, political campaigns, Republicans | 10 Comments
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Listening to NPR the other day, I heard part of an interview with Presidential hopeful and physician, Ron Paul.  This is what he had to say about why he opposes abortion (quote courtesy of Wikiquote):

One day I walked into an operating room, to just be an observant, which we would do generally, as a medical resident. They were performing this hysterectomy, which was a caesarean section. And they lifted out a fetus that weighted approximately 2 pounds, and it was breathing and crying. And it was put in a bucket and set in the corner of the room, and everybody in the room just pretended that they didn’t hear it. And the baby died. And I walked out of that room a different person.

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Two possibilities occurred to me: the first is that he fabricated the story for emotional impact,  the second, (which thoroughly disgusts me) is that he is the biggest hypocrite ever.  The key phrase in this quote is “everybody in the room just pretended that they didn’t hear it“.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe everybody would include Mr. Paul.  Did he specifically mention he was there “to just be an observant” thinking that would absolve him of the same responsibility he attributes to everyone?  He claims to be pro-life while throwing accusatory stones, from his glass house, at everyone present, for doing nothing; though he also did nothing while a living, breathing, crying baby was left in a bucket to die  Maybe he was too afraid to jeopardize his standing as a medical resident to render aid to the baby.  Whatever the scenario I think it gives us a peek into the character (and stupidity) of Ron Paul.



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  1. A 2 pound baby would have a 10% chance of survival. Have a 0% chance of EVER living a normal life. He had no LEGAL standing to do anything, If the story is true.

    I find it petty of you to nit pick at the small things. President Obama murders fully grown children almost every month with his drone attacks. How many children have been killed in Obama drone attacks? There goes something to write about.

    Mitt Romney is Basically a democrat, That helped Obama set up Obamacare. Romneycare allows illegal aliens free health care. He flips on ever single issue. I would never vote for him

    Herman Cain is a newly discovered pervert. 3 confirmed women he has sexually harassed, Not to mention a assistant to a radio show, Said he behaved inappropriately towards her. He was not aware China has nuclear weapons??? Really?

    Newt Gingrich is a adulterer and closet communist. He wants to do away with the constitution. Really research it.

    Rick Perry is a former Lib. Supported Hilarycare. Supported Al Gore. Paid illegal aliens tuition. Not conservative.

    When you get down to the knitty gritty there is no difference between Obama and Bush. Just like there is no difference between any of the GOP candidates and Oboomba. They are all violent terrorist. It will take way more then an attempted smear to turn anyone off to Ron Paul. Good try buddy.


    • A two pound fetus is approximately 27 to 28 weeks of gestation (around 7 months). Many premature babies are born at this stage and earlier and around this weight or less and survive and live normal lives. If this story is true it’s a pathetic comment on the medical profession.

      I didn’t write this post in hopes of changing anyone’s opinion of Paul, I just call ’em as I see ’em, and if his story is in fact true than he is no better than anyone else he’s pointing fingers at in his statement. So no, it’s not an attempted smear, Paul said it (I didn’t make it up you can verify it) in an apparent attempt to make himself look good but I guess he didn’t or couldn’t think it through very well. He may, as you say, have no legal standing but he is making a moral judgement in his statement so it would seem he had a moral obligation to try to save the baby.

      I find it hard to believe that a seven month pregnancy would go undetected before performing a hysterectomy, so either the story is about incompetent physicians with hearts of stone or completely fabricated by Paul. I truly hope it’s the latter because to think the story is true makes me physically sick.

  2. If that story is true any doctor present should be taken out and shot. You’d have to be a sociopath to witness something like that and do nothing. So if it’s true I have to assume Ron Paul is a freaking sociopath.

    • shooting’s too good for people like that…honjii’s right it’s disgusting either way, more if it’s true but even if it’s made up it would take a sick mind to make up a story like that and think you would make yourself look good

  3. Hi, Honjii.

    I hadn’t heard that story before, but I had already read something else about Ron Paul that made me seriously doubt something about him, whether it’s his intelligence, his memory or his honesty: apparently, despite a *very* lengthy practice as an OB/GYN, in which he delivered 4,000 babies, he’s never seen any scenario where a woman would need an abortion to save her life. We are to infer from this that he doesn’t believe such scenarios exist.

    I find this incredible.

    • I guess he’s never seen a situation where a woman would need a life saving abortion because he doesn’t believe such a situation exists. On his site he states:

      Because he agrees with Thomas Jefferson that it is “sinful and tyrannical” to “compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors,”

      Isn’t it funny that while this is his expectation he doesn’t have a problem our tax money, those of us who don’t think like Ron Paul, being used to finance those things which we abhor.

  4. You people live in a fantasy world. The weather is great over here in reality. Yuan Williams would have never written garbage like this.

    • honii didn’t write this she simply quoted the garbage that came out of ron paul’s mouth..something called the constitution…you probably haven’t heard of it, but it insures freedom of speech so that ‘actual intelligent’ people like honjii and even morons like yourself can express their opinions.
      …ironic that you sign your name ‘actually intelligent’ when you actually come off as a moron…btw if you know what a dictionary is, and have access to one and know how to use it look up two words..1. intelligent so you can see how it doesn’t apply to you and 2. moron which will probably have your ‘real name’ as the definition..and what the hell does yuan williams have to do with this?

  5. You can’t blame Ron Paul because abortion was LEGAL. There was nothing legal he could do about it. I dare say that ALL of you walk away from dying children everyday and the week and don’t lift a finger. You people who would point a finger at someone in media school who was tramatized by what has now become common practice are disgusting. How about getting irate about the millions of dead babies? No because that is not convient for you.

    • I am merely pointing out what a hypocrite Paul is by pointing the finger at everyone else in the room who did nothing while he went along with them. Whether or not the abortion was legal is irrelevant to the point I am making. And I still question the validity of his story in the first place. I seriously doubt that an abortion was performed which produced an infant developed to the stage he described, which would have been about seven months along in the pregnancy. So Paul is either a hypocrite or a liar or both.

      How about getting irate about the millions of dead babies?

      To what dead babies are you referring?

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