Jehovah’s Witnesses – really bad at math?

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Who hasn’t had a leisurely weekend interrupted by a group of overly dressed people selling their brand of door-to-door religion.  I am always befuddled that no matter how hot the summer day, they are always clad in the warmest of clothing.  Suits for both men and women, stockings on women (which are incredibly uncomfortable in hot weather) and children dressed for an Easter parade.  It doesn’t matter how far off the beaten path you live (as I do) they will find you.

I’ve had various forms of fun with them, as they’ve disturbed my peace and trespassed onto my property over the years.  At one point I kept a stack of pamphlets from the American Atheist Society near the door to hand them as they give me their booklet.  If they’d had a cross, like the ones used, in movies, to ward off vampires, they would have used it at the sight of my literature.  Hey if you’re going to force yours on me, at least have the courtesy to read mine.  On a few occasions I’ve seen them coming and answered the door au-naturale, that usually gets rid of them in a hurry.  But I usually just get angry, and let them know.  What right, I ask, do you have to drive onto my property, uninvited, and disturb me?  I threaten, get mean, posture, yell, all in the hopes they will put me on their version of the do-not-call-list.  They are, however, relentless.

I learned an interesting fact about these people the other day that makes me wonder why they are so insistent on selling their religion, like vacuum salesmen, door-to-door.  According to their belief there is a set number of places in heaven, 144,000 to be exact.  That being the case wouldn’t you think they would try to keep it on the down-low?

From Wikipedia

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe that exactly 144,000 faithful Christians will be resurrected to heaven to spend eternity with God as spirit beings. They believe that this number is made up of early Christians and some of Jehovah’s Witnesses who profess to be “anointed” (or part of “spiritual Israel”), rather than being composed of literal descendants of Jacob.[7] Witnesses believe that the 144,000 have been selected by God since the first celebration of Pentecost. They believe the 144,000 (which they consider to be synonymous with the “little flock” of Luke 12:32) will serve with Christ as king-priests for a thousand years, while all other people accepted by God (whom they identify as the “other sheep” of John 10:16 and “the great crowd” of Revelation 7:9,14), will be given an opportunity to live forever in an earthly paradise. According to the Witnesses, the first of the 144,000 were resurrected as spirit beings in 1918 and others who die after 1918 are immediately resurrected to heaven when they die.[8][9] Nearly 11,000 Witnesses worldwide—an increase of more than 2,000 since 1995[10]—claim to be of the anointed “remnant” of the 144,000.[11] This “remnant” is considered to constitute the faithful and discreet slave of Matthew 24:45 and Luke 12:42, with teaching authority over Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide. In practice, all doctrinal and organizational decisions are made by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, which is said to represent that “slave class”.[12][13]



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  1. Like you, a fellow answered the door au-naturale for my friend Mona. But Mona is a Registered Nurse. “You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before,” she said.

  2. Jehovah’s Witnesses blood transfusion confusion.
    Tens of thousands of Jehovah’s Witnesses including countless children that have perished since the 1940s when the no blood doctrine was enforced.
    Simple fact-The Bible does not prohibit Blood transfusions.If you are bleeding to death it is more dangerous to refuse a blood transfusions than to take one.
    Bloodless surgeries are great if they can be elective.1/3rd of all trauma deaths are from blood loss.

    1) Jehovah’s Witness do use many parts ‘fractions’ components of blood,so if it’s ‘sacred’ to God why the hypocritical contradiction flip-flop?

    2) They use blood collections that are donated by Red Cross and others but don’t donate back,more hypocrisy.

    3) The Watchtower promotes and praises bloodless elective surgeries,this is a great advancement indeed, it’s no good to me if I am bleeding to death from a car crash and lose much of my blood volume and need EMERGENCY blood transfusion

    The Watchtower society leaders of Jehovah’s Witnesses will not allow a follower to pre store their OWN blood called autologous blood,yet allows the transfusion of so-called Hemopure made from Bovine cow blood.

    Danny Haszard


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