Those spooky atheists you only read about…they’re real

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Sometime early this year on a bus, I sat next to an English man who could have been in his early fifties of age. I offered to pay his bus fare but he strongly declined and advised me to help out a needier person than he and I could not insist anymore. The traffic flow was quiet slow and so instead of letting my mind wander about the nothings of this life, I decided to engage the white man in religious conversations. I asked the man whether he was a Christian and to my amazement, he thoughtlessly said no and told me he was an atheist.

I only read about it in books and heard people talk about it but there I was, face to face with a man that never believed in the existence of God.

From, My encounter with an atheist, by pastor Mvula.

There he was, face to face..and without a silver bullet.  It was probably only by the grace of god he survived.  Excuse me a moment while I dislodge my tongue that is firmly implanted in my cheek.

I have no idea how I ended up at that blog, but as long as I was there anyway… I posted a somewhat snide comment stating the pastor must lead a very sheltered life, though I doubt that is the case.  I think this is a good illustration of one of the differences between the reasonable and the christians.  We don’t wear atheism like a badge, nor do we talk about it in a way that assumes the listener holds the same beliefs, and we don’t try to cure convert anyone.

How often have  you found yourself in conversation with a christian, that had nothing to do with religion, god, or christianity, but within the first few minutes you had no doubt about the person’s belief system?  And why is there no doubt?  It is because they always manage to sneak in a “god willing”, a ‘”praise the lord”, or an “…it’s what god wants” or something along those lines that have me looking for one of those little bags found in the pocket of the airplane’s seat.  If it is a casual conversation with someone at the gym, in a bank, grocery store, etc., like the pastor’s encounter on a bus, and I don’t expect any further interaction I just let my eyes glaze over and see no  reason to mention I am an atheist.  To do so might lead to a longer conversation with a closed mind, and we all know how those go.  So my guess is; the pastor has met many atheists in much the same way and never knew he was in the presence of what he thought was a fabulous creature that exists only in books, because they didn’t want THE TALK.

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