My battle with PMS

July 27, 2011 at 10:09 pm | Posted in political, political rants | Leave a comment
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I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything of any substance.  I realize substance is a matter of opinion so it might be more accurate to say it’s been awhile since I posted anything with a lot of words.  The reason I’ve allowed this blog to lie fallow for so long…don’t even get me started about the because I have been suffering with a severe case of PMS (Political Meltdown Syndrome).

Much of what I have commented on has been of a political nature; from the stupid and absurd to corruption and everything in between.  I’d read something or hear something on the radio that would make me roll my eyes so hard they hurt, and I’d be off and typing to let off steam.

The problem began when I realized that everywhere I turned there seemed to be no break from political discussions.  On the radio, in the news, at the gym…it seemed to be all politics all the time.  I thought my head would explode.  It started with POS (Political Overload Syndrome) which then progressed to full blown PMS.

The cure came when I discovered a radio station that is all comedy, all the time.  I adore comedy and that is all I’ve been listening too.  The result is I am much happier, albeit blissfully uninformed about current events, and I don’t care.  Like  miracle pharmaceuticals, this cure is not without side effects, the main one being a diminished desire to harangue, even when I find something harangue-worthy.

I’m trying to hang in there, and recovery means blogging.  So here goes…

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