Immigrants for sale

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From Robert Greenwald, Axel Caballero, Ofelia Yañez and Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame team.

From The Washington Spectator on Arizona Senator Russell Pearce:

ALEC on the Border / Say it Ain’t So, Leo
by Lou Dubose | 05/15/2011

ALEC On The Border—A quick trip to the courthouse has resulted in what was predicted by critics. A federal judge blocked controversial sections of Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, passed in 2010, which would require state officials to enforce federal immigration law. An appeals court upheld the lower court ruling.

The bill was sponsored by Arizona Senator Russell Pearce, now president of the Arizona Senate. The Maricopa County Republican is known for his American-flag shirts — and for his past association with white-supremacist groups and his inadvertent inclusion, in a mass e-mailing, of an attachment from a neo-Nazi group. (In 2007, the Anti-Defamation League documented Pearce’s neo-Nazi affiliation.)

The logical conclusion is that Pearce’s animus toward immigrants informed Senate Bill 1070, which is not entirely correct. Pearce submitted a draft bill to the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Public Safety and Elections Task Force, which wrote the legislation (as reported by Laura Sullivan for NPR and by Beau Hodai, a Tucson journalist writing for In These Times).

American Legislative Exchange Council or ALEC 


Immigrants for Sale

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Cuéntame (roughly translated is, you count me)


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