The latest in outsourcing

May 11, 2011 at 12:15 pm | Posted in animals, humor | 2 Comments
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Over the years we’ve seen many jobs, especially customer servicer and tech support, outsourced to India and more recently the Philippines as a way for large companies to increase their bottom lines using cheap labor.  Not only are our citizens deprived of these jobs, we often find questionable to unacceptable working conditions of those working abroad.

A most disturbing new trend has come to my attention that highlights the greed of large corporations, getting away with even lower labor costs and intolerable working conditions for those unable to defend themselves.  A hidden camera uncovered the following video of the appalling working conditions in which this computer repair technician is forced to work.

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  2. Well, I guess you forgot to name Pakistan. In recent years, most hundreds of Clients have been shifted to Pakistan from India or Philippines.

    You mentioned about the working environment, i guess Call center or any outsourcing services providers have the best working environment as compared to any other industry.

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