Follow the bouncing boobies to see where your tax dollars go

April 21, 2011 at 2:58 pm | Posted in economy, government spending, government waste, political commentary | 4 Comments
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I thought the government was in deep financial doo doo, yet they have money to spend on this study about sports bras.  The conclusion of the study could have been provided in two minutes and zero dollars by anyone who happens to be the owner of a pair of breasts.  I don’t know how much money was allotted to this useless vitally important research, but whatever the amount, it was too much.  When it comes to money out government has a huge deficit, but when it comes to boobs we have a seemingly endless supply.



The aim of this study was to investigate whether a sports bra designed to both elevate and compress the breasts could decrease exercise-induced breast discomfort and bra fit discomfort experienced by women with large breasts relative to a standard encapsulation sports bra.


Breast kinematic data, bra fit comfort, exercise-induced breast discomfort, and bra rankings in terms of preference to wear during running were compared in 20 women with large breasts who ran on a treadmill under three bra conditions: an experimental bra that incorporated both breast compression and elevation, an encapsulation sports bra, and a placebo bra. Subjective data were collected immediately before and after the treadmill running trials.


Exercise-induced breast discomfort (P < 0.01) and bra discomfort (P < 0.01) were significantly less for the experimental bra condition relative to the sports bra and placebo bra. This reduction in discomfort was achieved through greater breast elevation (P < 0.01) and compression, with no difference found in vertical breast displacement (P = 0.12) or vertical breast velocity (P = 0.06).


The design features of greater breast elevation and compression provided significantly increased breast and bra comfort compared with a standard encapsulation sports bra during physical activity for women with large breasts.



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  1. This is extremely important research. Those of us who are “Boobless” need to find create opportunities to play with study these endlessly entrancing feminine attributes. Especially those of us who are, or have, worn lab-coats, wear glasses and have no social skills.
    Excuse me, I have to invent draw up another chance to cop a feel research protocol on the same subject.

    • OK, I see your point and have totally changed my position. 😉

  2. There isn’t any where in the United States to buy a bra with the properties the researchers discovered. I believe that the research was needed.

    • Maybe so, but it should be the companies who make bras and not the government footing the bill.

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