Two pigeons, a grackle, and a Snickers bar

April 3, 2011 at 4:09 pm | Posted in animals, humor, political commentary, social comment | 6 Comments
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Pulling into a parking space at the grocery store the other day I noticed two pigeons enjoying the candy left in a Snickers wrapper some lazy obese litterer someone had thrown on the ground.  Most people probably wouldn’t find this all that interesting, but I love watching the goings on of nature so much so that I’ll watch ants carrying bits of food to their nests. Practically any activities carried out by non-humans can provide endless amusement for me.

I stopped (the car) short so as not to disturb them as they pecked at their prize.  As pigeons will do they would grab some candy, strut a few steps away and come back for more.  After watching for a few moments I discovered I was not the only one watching.  Every so often a grackle, that had been watching from under the next car, would come running out and try for a share of the candy but each time this happened the pigeons chased it away.  This went on for several minutes until both pigeons took a few steps away at the same time.  The grackle seized the opportunity and came running out from its hiding place and rather than eat some of the candy as the pigeons had been doing, this clever bird picked up the entire wrapper, candy and all, paused for a moment and quickly looked both ways (think cartoon villain) and ran back to its hiding place.

If you’ve ever watched grackles, they are funny, clever birds and I was glad I stuck around to see this one outsmart the pigeons.  Of all times not to have the video cam handy.

I got to thinking about what had happened with the birds and started wondering what kinds of  comparisons I could make to humans and all sorts of possibilities occurred to me:

  • The pigeons were republicans and wanted to keep the wealth from those who were different from them.
  • The pigeons were democrats, because republicans don’t share; they would consider it socialism.
  • The pigeons were two working stiffs, enjoying a treat after a hard day at work and the big bad corporate grackle came and took it away.
  • The pigeons were racist, neo-nazi, skinheads who would share only with their own kind.
  • The pigeons were the victims of an opportunistic street thug who stole their candy.
  • The grackle committed an act of terrorism and the now traumatized pigeons will spend years in therapy.
  • Honjii needs to stop watching animals and get out more.

While we’re on the subject of cute animals here are a couple of videos I think you’ll enjoy.

Check out Humor Blogs.


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  1. Awww, that’s a really cute story. I also wish you had a video camera, I would have loved to have seen that. Great videos, pretty funny. Good post.

  2. “Practically any activities carried out by non-humans can provide endless amusement for me.” Does this account for the fascination you feel towards the goings on of the Tea Party?

    • NO! The tea party doesn’t so much fascinate me but rather invokes disgust, anger, and a lot of head shaking and eye rolling. That party is something you want to look away from, but like a horrific catastrophe, you just can’t. The tea party members do, however, provide a fair amount of ‘crap’ to poke fun at in hopes of pointing out their stupidity; which, of course, we both know is a waste of time…preaching to the choir.

      Animals have never pissed me off to the point where I felt the need to write a rant, a sarcastic commentary, or create an insulting photoshop image.

  3. Funny! My story would have begun thusly: “Walking into the grocery store the other day I noticed two pigeons enjoying the candy left in a Snickers wrapper some lazy obese driver had thrown on the ground.”

    You sound like a judgmental jerk. Just try to remember that there is always someone out there more self-righteous than you.

  4. …and your comment isn’t judgmental because?

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