Felonious Farting

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I can’t stress this enough.  When traveling to a foreign country know the law.  Something seemingly innocent can land you in some hell hole of a prison, a public caning, or who knows what unspeakable punishment may be in store for your unintentional misdeed.

For example, if you visit Malawi DO NOT fart in public.  From Afrik-News:

Malawi government is set to introduce a set of laws that would render life, in one way or another, interesting for its citizens.

While no country wants its citizens to be idle, disorderly, or drunkards who cause nuisance in any public sphere, the Malawi is reportedly set to make a set of behaviours punishable by law.

The Bingu wa Mutharika led administration is to introduce a raft of legislation that seeks to criminalize an everyday natural occurrence of “passing gas” with the intention to “mould responsible and disciple citizens”

I can’t imagine how this law can possibly be enforced.  If there’s a group of people hanging out on the corner and one of them breaks wind this law, you know that everyone will be pointing fingers elsewhere, and if there is a dog present the poor creature will get the blame.  The article didn’t specify whether or not it is also illegal for animals to pass gas.  Will they employ specially trained dogs to sniff out the offender?  Will people seek revenge on their enemies by filing erroneous fart reports?  Have the Malawi heads of state really thought this through?  And exactly what is the punishment?  Will the accused be allowed a trial by a jury of his/her peers?  Now that’s a trial I’d love to watch.

These are all questions that need answers.  I encourage everyone who reads this to write to Bingu wa Mutharika and ask these and any other wildly outlandish questions (you can think of) in regard to this law.



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  1. This will change the traditional “whoever smelt it dealt it” rule to a “don’t ask, don’t smell” policy.

    • Good one! 🙂

  2. I wish I had that law in my classroom!

  3. If it becomes illegal in the U.S. my husband would get the damn chair, and I’d be tempted to turn him in.

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