Stuff that just came tumbling out of my head

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Not only do people sometimes make mountains out of molehills, they then try to force others to climb them..

Some congressional representatives would more be more aptly called representatives of rich corporate America.

Have you ever noticed that during a discussion, debate, argument…the higher the decibel level of someone’s voice is directionally proportionate to their level ignorance?

I saw a sign on a store saying they sold new and used antiques.  How is this possible?

I’ve heard of such religious organizations as Jews for Jesus and Cops for Christ.  I have some ideas for more:

  • Sluts for Salvation
  • Prostitutes for Prayer
  • Whores for Holiness
  • Criminals for Christianity
  • Rejects for Resurrection
  • Jerks for Jesus (In doing a search to see if any of these might exist I actually found a site for this one.)

I could probably think of a dozen or so more, but I really should stop now.

If the TSA (which may stand for Touch Some Ass) is going to get personal with us perhaps they should become a more kinder and gentler agency where the screeners are more like the wait staff at a trendy bistro, something like this:

Businesses are becoming as needy as people.  They all want you to like them on Facebook.

Speaking of Facebook, is this really about networking or a contest where whoever collects the most friends wins?

If you have 538 friends on Facebook does that make you feel like one of the popular kids in high school?  Does it boost your self esteem?  How many of them do you actually know?  How many have you even met?  And more importantly how many of them will help you move, drive you to the airport, or be willing to take your call at three AM when you need someone to talk to?  The answer to the last question is the real number of friends you have and I’m guessing it’s not in the triple digits and in most cases not even double.  Facebook has re-defined friend.


I’m just saying…


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  1. i like it textile fabric that just came tumbling disclosed of my head « Honjii's Harangues now im your rss reader

  2. i like it Stuff that just came tumbling out of my commencement « Honjii's Harangues it being so that im your rss reader

  3. You are finding some interesting commenters with this one, Honjii.

    Translating “stuff” to “textile fabric” is always such a giveaway 🙂

    • Yes, you may notice that I fixed the links so if you click them they go nowhere. I get the same spammers over and over; you’d think they’d learn. Askimet catches tons, oddly enough most are comments on my IBBE page with such irrelevant and inane comments about how the information was extremely informative. It gets to be rather annoying. Spammers ought to have their balls cut off and fed to them for dinner. And for the female spammers…well there’s enough balls to go around for all of you.

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