On a Quest to stick it to Qwest

December 6, 2010 at 3:02 pm | Posted in Consumer Issues, modern trends | 3 Comments
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I live in a beautiful, very rural area in the southwestern U.S.  I feel extremely fortunate being here, surrounded daily by the beautiful mountains and desert that most people see only when they are on vacation.  As we all know, life is full of compromise and a couple of the trade-offs for the small town, rural lifestyle are minimal (or no) choices of services enjoyed by urban and suburban dwellers, long drives for groceries and other things that many of you have around the corner.  But it’s so worth it.

Until very recently Qwest was my only choice for residential phone service.  If you live in one of the fourteen states where they provide coverage you might be unfortunate enough to be familiar with the company.  If your experience with Qwest is anything like mine then I am happy to let you in on a little secret (something they would probably rather not have widely known) as a way of extracting a small amount of revenge that doesn’t come close to making up for the years of poor service, ineptitude, incompetence, indifference, lies, mistakes…and the list goes on.

I have had the service for so many years that  one would think the law of averages would dictate that they get something right by accident, even once, but NO it has never, not even once, happened.  In fact they regularly screw things up so badly that I’m positive the screwing up takes more work than just doing things right.

I won’t go into the details because the list of gaffes is so long and varied and utterly ridiculous that it would probably be a longer post than anyone would want to read.  I know my experience isn’t a fluke because a Google search for “Qwest sucks” returns tons of pages of review sites with lists of people with similar experience, and no positive remarks.

Recently a new digital phone service became available, and in asking around (after turning somersaults) people are pretty satisfied.  It is less than half the cost I pay to Qwest and includes services for which Qwest charges extra.  I called Qwest to tell them  I was moving to a new service and wanted to port my number and they pretty much begged me to stay.  They asked if I  wouldn’t at least be willing to speak to their Loyalty Premier Department.  I said I doubted they could say anything that would change my mind but go for it.

When the woman from that department came on the line we went back and forth for a few moments and she could see I wasn’t buying the song and dance about how they were doing so much to make sure their customer service was top-notch (which could only happen if they replaced all of their employees with chimpanzees).  So when all else failed she started offering me money.  My monthly phone bill is around fifty bucks.  After a little back and forth she told me she would give me a credit for approximately $130 to be used as I see fit over six months (all at once or some each month).  I took the deal because I felt they owed me something, then I’m gone, maybe sooner since their level of incompetence is so high they probably have no system in place to make sure I stick around for the entire six months.

So if you are a frustrated Qwest customer and have other options, milk them for some cash, like I did, before you go.



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  1. I switched from Qwesst to Vonage, not great but never having to deal with Qwest is almost better than sex and chocolate combined. Total imbeciles.

    • Oh I hear that! I think if anyone ever does anything right at Qwest they get fired.

  2. I agree with Moniq 😀

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