I’ll pass on that $128 million…

November 9, 2010 at 10:11 am | Posted in insanity, News, social comment, strange news, stupidity | 3 Comments
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it’s just too embarrassing to collect my Power Ball prize since I bought my ticket at a porn shop.

A Detroit porn shop sold a winning lottery ticket worth $128 million dollars that has yet to be claimed.  I heard some newscasters speculating that the winner is too ashamed, or perhaps worried about the wife’s reaction to the hubby having been at a porn shop.


That kind of money can cover up a whole lot of shame, and make for a very forgiving spouse.  What kind of moron would give up that kind of money for some stupid reason?  Making the assumption that the purchaser was male, while acknowledging it could very well have been a woman; is there anyone out there who would be angry at their spouse for being at a porn shop when they have just brought home 128 million bucks? Maybe they are worried about losing their job.  Oh wait, you don’t need a job because you have $128 million!

Perhaps it is a religious person worried about what other church members would think, or more likely a member of the clergy.  Then spin it this way: God had his plan and for me it was to receive this wondrous gift of 128 million bucks!

I know it’s not a politician worried about public opinion because those guys are not ashamed of anything.

If you don’t want it give it to me and I’ll spill my guts about every embarrassing, humiliating detail of my entire life.

I’m relatively sure the reason the prize hasn’t been collected has nothing to do with the location in which the ticket was purchased.  I cannot conceive of any scenario where there would be downside to collecting this prize, can you?


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  1. I’ll collect is for a fee.

  2. Typo! I meant to type: I’ll gladly collect it for a modest fee. 😀

    • Ten percent seems fair.

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