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A couple of possible sequels to Gidget Goes Insane may be Gidget Goes to Jail and Gidget Goes to Hell.  As more attention is being focused on the criminal mind that lies behind the sweet innocent face of Christine O’Donnell it’s beginning to look like she may be headed, not to the senate, but to prison.  Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films is joining forces with the non partisan group:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) in calling on Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to open a criminal investigation into Christine O’Donnell’s improper use of campaign funds.

We need YOU to stand with us! Send a letter to U.S. Attorney David Weiss calling for him to open a criminal investigation into O’Donnell’s questionable practices.

The next video features comments on O’Donnell’s remarks about having Dabbled in witchcraft.  Even Carl Rove (who some think is Satan) is calling for some further explanation from O’Donnell.



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  1. first post

  2. Hmmm. 1.34 into the clip – “. . . stealing from people before she ever even gets into office”. So it is acceptable for American politicians to steal from the public AFTER they are in office?

    • Only if the politician doing the stealing is a republican.

      Ironically at the very beginning of the first video you see O’Donnell, presumably during a campaign speech, saying something about spending money you don’t have is becoming an appealing option for some politicians.

      I spend so much time shaking my head in amazement and disgust, I think my brains are starting to rattle.

  3. i am addicted to farmville

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