Pastor of Disaster

September 9, 2010 at 10:30 pm | Posted in god, hypocrisy, insanity, irony, political, rants, Religion, stupidity, terrorism | 10 Comments
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Here we go again.  Based on those most vocal among us (the idiot Americans) it would seem the perception of the Islamic faith is based solely on its most radical, violent members who commit heinous acts of terror, and that the goal of Islam is to continue to do so until the entire world is is populated with Muslims.  Good christians (using those two words together is starting to feel like an oxymoron) would never engage in this sort of behavior…or would they?

To the christians out there let me ask you this:  How would you feel if the non-christian world judged all of you based on the Florida pastor, Terry Jones, who plans to commemorate 9/11 by holding  ‘Burn a Koran day’?  What’s that you say, we shouldn’t judge a religion based on the actions of one nut job?  OK I can’t argue with that, so how about I base my perception of all christians on the Crusades, or the Inquisitions, or the religious conflict in Northern Ireland.  And let’s not forget the Salem witch trials.  The above included forced conversion to christianity of Muslims and Jews as well as violence, torture, and acts of terrorism committed in the name of christianity.  See now we’re not just talking about some lone misguided book burner so I believe we have enough information on which to form an educated opinion of christianity; violent terrorists who will stop at nothing until they convert every person on earth to christianity.  Sound familiar?

I  recently heard a passage from your bible that suggests you all go out and make everyone a disciple of Christ, or words to that effect.  It occurs to me that not one Muslim has ever annoyingly invaded my privacy by knocking on my door to sell their religion to me.  I have never walked a city street or attended a public event where I have been handed a religious tract extolling the virtues of Islam.  I have never heard of Islāmic missionaries going uninvited and unwanted in order to save indigenous people around the globe by shoving their religion down said natives’ throats.  And while saving these poor heathens with the gift of religion the very presence of the missionaries often results in not only the destruction of their culture but the introduction of previously unknown diseases carried by the missionaries leading, in many cases, to death.  Christians, however, engage in all of these activities.

I am not defending Islam just as I would not defend any religion as I believe religion is nothing more than outdated superstition and that it is religion, not money, that is the root of all evil.  That being said I am tired of all the fear mongering xenophobes spewing hateful, disgusting, vile, and potentially dangerous misinformation to an uninformed, ignorant, gullible group of sheep willing to buy just about anything if they hear it on television, radio, the internet, or in church.



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  1. yup

  2. You know I never thought about all of that and you made some really good points. I especially like the comparison of the xtian folks that knock on doors or hand out pamphlets to Muslims who don’t do that, yet all the people think they are pushing their religion on everyone.

  3. You are way off base lady, how dare you compare Christians with Muslim terrorists. Just because of the bad acts of a portion of Christians you cannot judge the rest of us or put us all in the same bundle.

    • And there it is! You don’t like it do you? Your comment proves precisely my point. You don’t want all christians judged by the atrocities committed by some christians, yet you are not willing to extend the same lack of judgement on another religion and, based on your comment, continue to judge all Muslims based on the “bad acts of a portion” of them.

  4. I have never walked a city street or attended a public event where I have been handed a religious tract extolling the virtues of Islam.

    I wish I could say the same, but over the past few years I’ve been starting to have a problem with that.
    Specifically, when I’m out walking my dog. He’s a dog who Muslims like to call over while we’re out on walks. And for some odd reason it’s only Muslims. Never Christians, Jews or any other denomination. To my annoyance he’ll fall for it every time and will half drag me off to meet them in the hope for some love, which never comes. They’ll stand there bending over and talking to him, but no touching, for about 2 minutes until I get annoyed and turn around to walk off. THEN they’ll turn to me and start preaching about how great the Quran is and how I should read this verse, and that section. On and on.

    It’s really incredibly irritating, to put it lightly.

    • LOL, You’re making this up, right?

  5. there are plenty of muslim speakers/leaders/whatever who don’t want to convert you but kill you if you don’t believe in allah.

    that guy in florida is a lunatic.

    but when you think back to the reaction of the muslim world to the danish mohammed cartoons…..

    sorry – i don’t care which name they give themselves – christians, judaists, muslims, the world would be a much better place without any of them.

    • @Charly, did you even read the whole post? Honjii clearly stated

      I am not defending Islam just as I would not defend any religion as I believe religion is nothing more than outdated superstition and that it is religion, not money, that is the root of all evil.


      The point of her post is that Christians who are the loudest and meanest Islam-ophobes are as bad or even worse, and there are lots of Christians who will kill you if you don’t happen to believe the same as they do. Examples are killing of gays, abortion doctors (while calling themselves pro – life) and bombing abortion clinics, and lots more.

      As far as the reaction of the Muslim world to the Danish cartoonist, again not all of the Muslim world reacted that way only the most radical and most vocal. The quiet peaceful Muslims who didn’t react don’t make the news. You’re buying into the all Muslims are terrorist myth like was pointed out by Honjii in her post. I have some Muslim friends and when the Danish cartoonist thing was hot in the news they couldn’t have cared less, and they don’t care that I don’t believe in Allah or any God, I’m an atheist and we still are friends and I don’t think they are plotting my death any time soon.

      • no, i am not buying into the lie that all muslims are terrorists. i’m just with honjii in that all religions are nothing more than outdated superstition and sincerely wish that one day we can live in a world without those dumb believes in a supernatural power permeating public life.
        if people do chose to keep on believing in that kind of stuff – please do so at home within your own four walls and spare us thinking people with that crap.

  6. Christians have always tended to burn whatever they disagree with. Books, witches, heretics – the list goes on.

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