Constitution ala carte

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Why are people under the impression that the United States constitution is like a menu at the local Burger King whose motto is have it your way; where they can choose from a list of items and make alterations or substitutions so they can have it just the way they like it?

Our special this week is the 14th amendment.  It comes with citizenship for anyone born in the United States and a side of protected rights for same.  This hasn’t really been a big seller this week.  For some reason many people want it off the menu completely while others want so many substitutions and changes that some of the wait staff has been reduced to tears and others have threatened to quit.

If you’re not sure what to order and want a recommendation, go with the 2nd amendment.  That has been such a popular choice that we could take all the other amendments off the menu and hardly anyone would care.

Freedom of religion is a favorite of the christian crowd, so much so they want to keep it all for themselves.  Another one they are marking their territory over is marriage.  They don’t want anyone to have this menu item who isn’t like them, not gay.  However, they have no trouble accepting and reaping the benefits of the tax money from those they would deny this choice.

This constitution ala carte mentality has manifested in a number of ways over the last several weeks and months.  A big one is the proposed Mosque at ground zero, which isn’t actually a Mosque and isn’t actually at ground zero, but hey, why bother with actual facts.  I really wish people could understand that when you deny any group of citizens or legal residents of our country the rights and freedoms you enjoy, you ultimately deny yourself of those rights. Why is this such a difficult concept?

Why bother fighting the christian right.  If you can’t beat them join them, so I’m in.  With my new found enlightenment I would like to offer a few suggestions.  For starters I think all christian churches in Salem, Massachusetts should be razed because to have them stand as a constant reminder to the descendants of those burned as witches by the Puritanical christians is extremely insensitive of us, don’t you think?  In fact I think any horrific act of violence or terrorism committed by a member or members (no matter how radical or fringe they may be) of a particular religious group should result in anything in the area of devastation that represents that religion  being destroyed.  It’s only fair, and as good christians don’t we say do unto others as you would have them do unto you?  We do want to be fair, don’t we?

Recently Dr. Laura , conservative, holier than thou, radio talk show host ordered up freedom of speech, hold the consequences.  Within days of her use of the N word and other offensive remarks, a video clip shows Dr. Laura explaining she is planning to quit radio because she wants to have her freedom of speech restored after the backlash of her racist tirade, including major sponsors jumping ship.  What she fails to understand is that freedom of speech is also freedom to make an idiot of yourself, to express yourself in a way that shows your true colors (no pun intended).  The right to freedom of speech, however, does not guarantee that if  your speech is offensive there will not be repercussions.

Welcome to the U.S.A. may I take your order?


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