Is anyone aware that we have OTHER borders?

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Am I missing something?  Discussions in regard to illegal immigration are always focused on our southern border with Mexico.  Once in a while I hear a brief reference to Canada, but it’s rare.  Has everyone forgotten we have three other borders?  I have met people that are in this country illegally from Canada and Europe so I have to assume they are not the only ones.  For all I know they may outnumber those from the southern border.  Why is this not an issue being discussed as vehemently as illegals coming from Mexico? I’m just going to take a shot in the dark here, could it be because they’re white and or not brown?

That someone has not entered our country by climbing a fence, digging a tunnel, hidden inside a smuggler’s vehicle, or having trekked across treacherous desert terrain doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be here.  For those who have forgotten our other borders, below is an illustration that may help jog your memory.  You may notice that the one getting all the attention is not the largest.

I am in no way saying we should not have a comprehensive immigration policy in place.  We need to be mindful of those we let into our country just as we are about the people we let into our homes.  I live not far from the Mexican border and the border patrol is a very visible presence.  As well as the agents they have posted along the border they maintain a checkpoint inside the state of Arizona maybe twenty or thirty miles north of the border, where every car is stopped.  I am not commenting on whether or not this is sufficient because I have no way of knowing.  Here is what I do know.  Just like your home, no matter how well protected it is and how many security measures you have in place, if someone really wants to get in they will find a way.

I’m just saying.



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  2. America needs to go to war with Canada, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. War is the only way Americans learn about geography.


  3. people are stupid

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