The Dumbing of America

August 19, 2010 at 5:11 pm | Posted in government, insanity, political, stupidity, terrorism, war | 6 Comments
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When I was a kid I believed that elected officials from the local level right on up to congress and the president were intelligent people who would do what is best for the citizens of this country.  Was that just my youthful gullibility?  Has it always been the case that if you’re too stupid to do anything else you are perfectly suited for a career in politics?

I’m not saying all politicians are stupid but intelligence is obviously not a requirement, and in fact seems to be an impediment to being elected.  There are an increasing proportion of politicos who would do better if they never opened their mouths, because when they do some really stupid crap comes spilling out.

Here are three videos relating to Rep. Louis Gohmert whose stupidity is just amazing.  In one video it is mentioned that he is a former judge, which means he somehow got through law school and managed to rise to the level of interpreting the law from the bench.  I thought that took at least some smarts which this guy just doesn’t have.  I don’t know, maybe he tripped getting down from the bench one day, fell on his head and wound up in politics.  If the scale keeps tipping in the direction of stupidity we, as a nation, are in deep shit.



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  1. Bother – the first two vids are no longer available. 😦

    • I just clicked on them and it said embedding disabled, watch on YouTube. If you click through it will take you to the video, at least it worked for me so give it a try. Definitely worth watching.

      • Thanks for that. Unbelievable. Just how Low can the Lowest Common Denominator go?

  2. @ Archie, Trust me, bad as that was..LOWER. Not a day goes by when some elected official doesn’t say something that makes you go..WHAAAATT!!!

  3. […] The Dumbing of America ( […]

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