This is gonna offend…

August 18, 2010 at 11:34 am | Posted in creationism, evolution, god, humor, intelligent design, Religion, science, stupidity | 11 Comments

…a whole bunch of people with one fell swoop.


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  1. Well that’s unfair. Teapartiers should be FAR less evolved than generic Christians or Republicans.

    • You’d think so, and there is a little controversy, but the consensus seems to indicate the teapariers did in fact evolve (or devolve) from the republicans.

  2. just letting you know, i’m not offended…love it!

  3. You are going straiht to Hell. And I hope you hurry up and go there soon.

    • Now Melissa, please explain yourself. Are you God in that you know who is going to Hell? Or are you just ignoring the love which the Bible says God has for his creation.

      • archiearchive, I am not God but don’t you think it is obvious that Honjii is evil and we know that God rejects evil people from going to heaven. Her soul already belongs to the devil so she will go to Hell where she belongs. And anyway I speak to God and God speaks to me.

    • Díd u Know there is no hell

  4. Awww, may I offend people with this? Please 🙂

    • Have at it…offend away!

  5. this is INGENIOUS!!!
    love it, love it love it!

    • Why thank you very much 🙂

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