Cell Phone Mamas – WARNING!

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I was in the supermarket today when I experienced what felt like a fist lightly hitting my butt twice in a row.  My automatic defense reflexes kicked in and I started to turn; luckily mid-swing I saw the head of the toddler I might have hurt.  Had I completed the hit I’m sure the mom, who was too busy yakking on her cell phone to pay attention to her child, would have made me out as some sort of monster.

Yeah, Mama, I’m talking to YOU!  I am constantly having to avoid your toddlers in parking lots as they dart out in front of my car while you are on your phone.  You must be talking about something real important, even more so than the safety of your kid/s.  I often have to avoid being hit by you when you are driving because you are too distracted by your phone conversation to give driving your full attention WITH YOUR KIDS IN THE CAR!  You need to focus on your driving, the road,  and other drivers; anything less is endangering the lives of your children, as well as occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians.  You are endangering MY life.

What is so freaking important that the safety of your children is secondary to your conversation?

I said to the woman in the store, “You might want to get off the phone and watch your kid.” to which she replied, “Why don’t you mind your own business, she’s three years old and she ran into you what’s the big deal?’ to which I replied, “The big deal is I almost turned and hurt her, the big deal is that you are distracted by your call which means you are not paying close attention to your child, and pedophiles love nothing more than a distracted parent.”  I’ll let you guess what her parting remark was.

It only takes a moment for some pervert to snatch your child while your back is turned.  Do you want to be the one I watch on the news making a tearful plea for the safe return of your child?  Do  you want to be the mother who has to identify the remains  found in the desert weeks later?  Do you want to be the mother who, twenty years later still wonders whether your child is dead or alive somewhere out there in the world?

Or how about this.  When I’m driving through the parking lot I watch out for your kids because I don’t want to hurt or kill a child (in case you’re wondering I try not to hit adults as well though some of these moms are tempting targets).  But one of these days your kid is going to dart out in front of another cell phone mama, like you, who is distracted by her phone conversation and she isn’t going to see your kid.  That would be ironic, wouldn’t it?  And tragic and completely avoidable.



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  1. Great post! Now, I can’t say you won’t find me on my phone once in a while…but it’s mostly texting…and I don’t do it while driving or anything. And I usually wait to have a convo until I’m not doing something.

  2. You make some good points.
    I’m not above berating negligent parents in public.
    Can’t stand to see a child being hit by a parent and I’ve threatened more then one mother who I’ve caught in the act.
    If a child ran into me or bumped me from behind I probably would have picked that child up and taken her to the cashier or security counter.
    That’s a lesson that parent won’t soon forget.
    I thought that poor child was lost.

  3. Oh man, you are so right on. This annoys the s&#t out of me and when you say something to the mother, no matter how polite they usually tell you to f off, which is what I’m guessing this mother said to you.

  4. Holy fuck, what kind of asshole tells a mother IN FRONT OF HER CHILDREN that pedophiles are everywhere and snatch little kids? They’re probably going to have nightmares now about YOU sneaking up behind them in department stores.

    Your comment was filled with ignorance toward mothers and victims of child molestation both. If you did any research about pedophilia and child molestation, you’d realize that the majority of perpetrators are friends of the family. Educate yourself, and stop saying stupid shit.

    • @The Nerd,
      I guess you are one of those people who don’t read ALL the words. Honjii did not say pedophiles are everywhere and it is doubtful that a three year old knows the meaning of the word. Her post also talks about other dangers posed to children of distracted parents. And yes many children are molested by family members and friends, but the fact remains that children ARE snatched they DO disappear. It is you who needs to do research.

      • Hey sunndy d, you are right that the child didn’t know what the meaning of pedophile is, but that dumb mama probably didn’t know what it meant either.

    • The Nerd, Where in my post did you see these words?

      pedophiles are everywhere and snatch little kids

      What I wrote is exactly what I said, no more, no less.

      Perhaps it is you who should do some research on how to write a civilized response to a post with which you disagree, rather than showing your ignorance by (figuratively) putting words into my mouth, and using vulgarity to attempt to make a point.

      So, by all means, if you are a parent (I truly hope you are not) don’t watch your children, let them play in traffic. If you do the research you may find that the incidence of children being hit by cars is down so that would make it OK?

      Even if

      the majority of perpetrators are friends of the family

      I stand by my position. It seems like every month or so there is a story in the news about a child that has gone missing from a mall, store, campground, etc. I don’t want that to be my child, what about you?

      If you don’t already work there, perhaps you can apply for a position as a Fox News pundit for which you seem completely suited.

  5. I have to disagree with some of your reasoning–in terms of child abduction, your kid is much safer today than he or she has been for decades. Current child kidnapping rates are lower than they were in the 70s when children would walk to school, around town, etc without being watched. Besides, the greater majority of child abuses are committed by people the child knows. Pedophiles aren’t out there watching your kids waiting to snatch them, so you don’t need to worry about that.

    That being said I probably would have swatted the kid before turning around…kid coulda gotten hurt.

    • To Drew and The Nerd,
      Just google missing children if you think kids are not being taken.

  6. good one.nice and good site

  7. Oh, The Nerd, one more thing, based on what you wrote & how you wrote it, you sound like you’re one of those stupid cell phone mamas Honjii wrote about.

  8. Hey all, here’s the thing. I have two little girls and I would die if anything happened to one of them. We as parents need to watch our kids and not be distracted while doing so. Being hit by a car or person or taken by a pedophile are just a couple of things that can happen. Every year kids drown, why? cause their parents were too busy to notice, and often the reason cited is they just turned away to answer the phone. If you can’t be bothered to watch your kids, if they are not a priority you have no business having them. They are not toys or fashion accessories they are little people who need their parents and if you, the nerd, or you drew think kids are so safe then I sincerely hope neither of you have or ever will have children.

  9. c’mon people, just watch your kids, that’s why they have parents, duh! i mean what kind of idiot argues against watching your little ones…the stupidity these days is just amazing!

  10. Hey, I never said you shouldn’t watch your kids. You need to understand that the vast majority of child abuse comes from people that your child knows; This is something you should be watching for, not strangers palming your child in a store.

    • I think the bottom line is, if you have kids, watch them no matter where you are.

  11. To illustrate Honjii’s point about watching ones children without being distracted – there was a newspaper about a three year old child, in a zoo in Germany, that climed the fence and fell into a pen with a bear. The exact words in the Associated Press piece are, “While her parents were not watching, the girl scrambled over the approximately 3-foot-high fence and fell into a moat.” The police are investigating possible negligence by the parents. The father climbed in to save the girl, and both were injured; lucky for them they are alive and their injuries are not life-threatening.

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    • Now see what happens when you think you are being sly and I won’t notice your pathetic attempt to spam my blog. Go ahead, click on your links (you too Jerry) and see what happens.

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