TEA Party – Y’all come!

July 13, 2010 at 6:31 pm | Posted in crooks & liars, economy, elections, insanity, Obama, political, president, stupidity | 8 Comments
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America is the best country in the world. I hear that a lot but I don’t know what it means.  If this is true, how pitiful must other countries be for us to have achieved the number one spot?  Is this opinion or is it an official ranking in some book of countries that I’m unfamiliar with?  Or is it a rating in the way that Rand Paul, the Kentucky tea party ding dong, is a board certified ophthalmologist.  In case you haven’t heard, he is certified only by a board he created and runs.  Oh that reminds me – great news – I’ve just been certified by the International Board of Blogging Excellence.

I’ve been giving some thought to where we excel.  We know it’s not education or health care.  It must be gullibility and stupidity.  Going back to Rand Paul, who thinks it is OK for private businesses to discriminate against blacks or other groups.  I’d like to ask Mr. Paul what he would do if, in his little fantasy world, he were dining in a whites only cafe and a fire broke out, trapping everyone inside; and as it would happen all of the firefighters on duty at the time are black.  Tough luck, I guess.

People are so gullible they believe idiots like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Beck who purposefully stir the pot of hatred knowing full well there is no shortage of the intellectually challenged, who will believe them just because they happen to be on radio or television.  I heard a sound-byte of Limbaugh asking and answering, “What do god and Obama have in common?  Neither one has a birth certificate.”  That’s just crazy on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin.  On the other hand is the good christian, Limbaugh, telling us there is no god?

It is hard to believe that so many Americans believe that Obama: hates whites, is a socialist with an agenda to destroy America, was born in Kenya, is a terrorist, is responsible for the economic crash (though it happened during the Bush years)..the list goes on.  Is this racism at it’s peak, that make people lose all common sense that they are willing to believe the ridiculous and grasp at straws in hopes of removing a president who has the audacity to be not white?  Or are they really just that dumb?

I wonder about the TEA party.  I love to make acronyms from names of things and organizations.  I’ve come up with some possibilities, feel free to add yours.

Tell Everyone Anything
To Encourage Assholes
To End Academia
To End-up Alone
To Endorse Airheads


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  1. well u know the tea party must stand for ONE of those or something close..too bad u can’t get the word nutjob or wacko into the acroynm

  2. Congratulations on your board certification. 🙂

  3. This is a stretch but, Two Ears Andnothinginbetweenthem.

    • Why thank you very much.

  4. Taking

  5. talking

  6. to



    • here’s another one
      end (of the world)
      as (we know it)

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