Poulet Sir Prize Award Winners

June 23, 2010 at 6:23 pm | Posted in humor | 5 Comments
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May I have the envelope please… (drum-roll) AND THE AWARDS GO TO: Archie’s Archive, Praying to Darwin, and Deadpan Drollery

This much coveted award is for bloggers who have a sense of humor and are smarter than a and not too chicken to say what they think.

1. Proudly display the award on your blog with a link back to Honjii and a link back to the blogger, along with his/her name, who chose to award your blog.
2. Bestow this award, along with the rules, on a minimum of three blogs.
3. Contact the bloggers you’ve chosen and let them know of their incredibly life-altering good news.
4. Swear on your first born, or whatever you hold dear, never to mention these blogging awards are created by other self-serving bloggers trying to get more traffic altruistic bloggers who wish nothing more than to acknowledge a blog well done.



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  1. I do solemnly swear that I shall make no mention of that totally unknown fact 🙂

    Furthermore, I shall do the display thing as soon as I retire from the workforce. That is, in 96.5 hours time. Then I shall have time to think again, live again and blog intelligently again.

    I am, of course, deeply honoured to receive this award, no matter how undeserved.

  2. What a great award, great play on words. Nicely presented and love the sarcasm. Wish I had time to blog so I could get me one.

    • If you do find the time to blog let me know.

  3. Thanks for the props Honjii, I have fulfilled my obligation as a member of the Academy and await next seasons ‘screeners’ so I may sell them on the black market for pure profit.

    Sorry it took me a couple days but I’ve been working on a lot of ‘writing the funny’ for the last few days. Hope your doing well and keep those great Arizona politicians coming for me, comedy had such a loss with W leaving office. Luckily the universe provided Sarah Palin, that’s one of the reasons I believe in String Theory. Stupid is connected at the subatomic level.

    Gonna be doing more stage time in the next few months so I’ll let ya know when I start booking gigs in AZ and you can come by with your favorite guy/girl/lizard on a date night and laugh at me in person.

    • Just the other day I was thinking about how much easier blogging was when W was the idiot-in-chief…though we have no shortage of stupidity to make fun of, W was like my own personal fountain of funny.

      I look forward to seeing you perform in AZ.

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