Palin wins worst mother of the year

May 21, 2010 at 4:50 pm | Posted in crooks & liars, humor, hypocrisy, News, political, social comment, stupidity | 4 Comments
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  1. How dare you expose the truth about this woman. You will be banished to coffee parties. And God will hate you forever.

    [now – how can I find a way to stop laughing?]

    • Easy for you to laugh, your country is not in danger of someday having this dingbat as president. However, that being said, your country is in danger of a huge influx of illegal immigrants from the U.S. as they escape the reign of stupidity should that come to pass. Think about that and I’ll bet you’ll stop laughing.

      • Uh oh – we will have to enlarge our concentration refugee detention camps. I am beginning to despair of my country as well, what with the “left wing party” beginning to look almost like the USAian religious right and being quite unreasonable about refugees. I’m almost tempted to escape to a more liberal country – Saudi Arabia or Iran or Burma or even mainland China.

  2. That is really funny but it is also too true and so sad for her kids.

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