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April 15, 2010 at 1:16 pm | Posted in Consumer Issues, Current Events, modern trends, random thoughts | 3 Comments
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Does G.O.P. stand for Greedy Old Profiteers, or perhaps Goofy Old Potheads, Greedy Old Pricks?  Anybody have any ideas?

Screw the I.R.S. – Stay poor!

After reading through some contracts, before signing, I remarked I could edit the whole eight pages down to a few concise readable paragraphs.  The other party remarked it is the legalese the lawyers insist upon.  I find this particularly ironic since lawyers spend much of their time writing briefs.

More irony – Tiger Woods turns out to be a womanizing douche bag.  First of all his last name is WOODs and his career has been built on his ability to get his balls in more holes than anyone else, he might just be confused.

Freedom of speech is a good thing – if people had to keep their mouths shut we wouldn’t know how stupid they were.

Most commercial automated answering systems begin by telling us to please listen carefully as all of our options have changed.  Are we expected to know what their options were before?

It seems many of my calls may be recorded for quality assurance.  When  does the quality kick in?

Why can’t stores hire fitting room attendants that can count higher than six?



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  2. I vote for Greedy Old Pricks. It’s supposed to stand for Grand Old Party. And maybe it was…in Lincoln’s day.

    • LOL I’m with you on that one, silverstar.

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